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DeMentri Claims "consensual, mutual romantic affiliation"

According to, here's the latest on QVC host Pat James DeMentri's ex-husbands crazy antics:

Lori Delgado says she quit her anchor's job at NBC10 last month because she feared for her safety and that of her husband after her former coanchor Vince DeMentri had acted threateningly toward them, according to documents filed yesterday in Common Pleas Court.

The filing included documents from DeMentri in which he described a 2 1/2-year relationship with Delgado as "consensual, mutual romantic affiliation." She did not address that assertion.

Delgado's statement came in her response to a court filing by DeMentri, who is contesting his firing in late July in what is expected to be a libel and slander action against NBC10.

In addition, DeMentri's attorney, Paul Rosen of Spector Gadon & Rosen, contends that NBC10 and Delgado interfered with DeMentri's contract.

Asked about Delgado's safety concerns,DeMentri said last night: "This is nothing but a smokescreen. What is alleged is laughable and an outright lie."

In July, DeMentri filed a gender-discrimination complaint with the state Human Relations Commission. In it, he alleges that he was fired because the station had learned that he and Delgado had an affair.

DeMentri said in the HRC complaint that NBC10 unfairly fired him while not sanctioning Delgado. DeMentri also alleges that the station leaked false information about him to the media.

DeMentri, 44, worked at NBC10 for five years and coanchored its myphl newscast on Channel 17 with Delgado from December 2005 through September 2006. Delgado, 28, who started at the station in January 2005, most recently anchored the morning news on NBC10. She was last seen on the air Sept. 26.

DeMentri's HRC complaint says that someone at the station leaked an item to an unnamed gossip Web site. The Aug. 22 item linked DeMentri to acts of vandalism against Delgado, including the keying of her car in June.

The HRC complaint says that DeMentri and Delgado's affair ended in May, and that the two remained friends.

According to Delgado's court response, filed yesterday by Eric Weitz of Weitz Garfinkle & Datz, Delgado experienced hang-ups on her home and cell phones in the spring. On June 6, personal items vanished from her office. Three days later, her driver's license and house keys were missing, and Lower Merion police investigated.

A few weeks later, Delgado found a shopping bag containing the items under her desk. Also in June, she discovered that her car had been scratched. NBC10 investigated and began suspecting DeMentri, Weitz's filing says.

Delgado says she was told that DeMentri was seen on videotape "indicating his likely participation in the incidents." Rosen said DeMentri was not shown keying Delgado's car.

On July 3, an NBC security official told police that "criminal mischief" had been done to Delgado's car, according to a police report that listed DeMentri as a suspect. The complaint was investigated July 8 and closed when Delgado refused to cooperate with police.

Rosen said that if police had seen such actions on a tape, Delgado's cooperation would not be required to file charges.

Delgado said in yesterday's filing that although DeMentri had been instructed not to contact her, he confronted her and her husband, Rich McNally, a lawyer, at their home. DeMentri said last night that no one had told him to stay away from her.

Delgado and McNally, who married in June 2006, have since moved to New York.

Attorneys for NBC did not return calls for comment. Regarding the litigation, a station spokeswoman said: "The station disputes Mr. DeMentri's allegations and intends to vigorously defend any claims. The notion that WCAU would trump up baseless charges against its own anchor is ridiculous."

For a crazy stalker guy, Vince isn't very creative. Hang-up calls? Puh-leeze! Little kids do that at slumber parties! Taking her keys and then putting them back under her desk in a bag? How lame!

Although by all accounts he appears to be a spoiled, self-centered, horny bastard, he's just not the sharpest tool in the shed, is he???

Honestly, I feel sorry for Pat and her daughter. For their sakes, I hope this all blows over quickly.


  1. While I stumbled onto this blog unenthusiastically surfing for info on why Pat James DiMentri has changed so dramatically over the past few years, both physically and in her frantic new personality, what struck me about this post was the woman Pat's husband had the affair with. I think I need clarification on the dates. Lori was married in June 2006? Wasn't this at the time the affair was still going on? Or at least shortly after? Who is she married to? A doormat? Am I missing something?

    It's Pat I feel for. She used to be so carefree, witty, genuinely happy. I don't watch QVC as much as I used to, but in the past few years, she has seemed panicked, desperate, unsure of herself. I figured it was due to some personal issues, but didn't know the details.

    Anyhoo... interesting. None of my business, but sad nonetheless.

  2. Hi Warran's Mom! I am also confused by the timeline of events, but I just assumed that everyone involved had muddied the waters a bit. I'm sure there are no innocents.

    Pat's head just isn't in the game anymore and her presentations reflect that.

    As to her physical appearance, I feel bad for any woman on television these days. Unfortunately, showing your age will lose you sales and your job--especially now that they are broadcasting in HD. Sad truth.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  3. This explains a lot. I, too, noticed Pat's strange, frantic, behavior. And as far as her "face procedures"...More often than not, a woman getting things done to her face, etc. have more to do with a man, than her feeling better about herself. I feel sorry for Pat, her husband is a smuck, and she has started ruining her face. Poor Pat.

  4. I am sure Pat has recovered by now.I think she still looks good... little older.Maybe needs to do a short bob & color her hair.Has always seemed like a sweet,honest lady.I hope she is doing well & has moved on with her life...MEN!!!

  5. Pat was a biach long before all this hit the fan, and so is at least one other QVC female star. Maybe Pat is at least partially responsible for her male chicken not coming home to roost.

  6. I like to watch Pat, too. I noticed the same behaviors as mentioned above! I think Pat is attractive, but should get a shorter hairstyle with a little more color. I truly feel for her...I'm sure she continues to endure her ex-husband's weird antic.

  7. No. Pat is/was not a biach. I remember (watching QVC) when she and her ex first got together, he acted up then. The marriage was forced, and I figured they would wind up divorced. I am shocked that they lasted that long. I feel badly for Pat, as she truly loved him, but he thought was cuter than he is. Jerk.

  8. About Pat, I don't feel sorry for her she is a Beautiful Charming Lady and will bounce back. I just wish she was my Lady, I'd treat her like a Queen.


    1. She's sadly not "bouncing back". I just saw her the other day on QVC and I didn't know about this then. I thought she must have had a stroke or something because she was studdering all over the place and unsure of what she was presenting.
      Is this why she and Dan aren't doing the morning show anymore? I haven't watched in years and all this came as a surprise to me.

  9. oh this is just terrible. i thought she was divorced just by the way she carries herself and then i thought recently jayne said something about congratulating pat on her 25 year anniversary. she must have meant with qvc. i thought she was referring to her wedding anniversary, so i started looking. what a creep he is! she deserves so much better. hope she found a nice guy by now. blessings pat!

  10. I've lived long enough to know that there are two sides to a story. And being divorced myself, it sounds like Pat may not been tending to her man the way she should have. Sometimes when you don't pay attention to someone, they look somewhere else to get the intimacy they need/crave.

    1. B.S. My husband always used to tell me I was "killing him" because I overly zealously "took care of him". He cheated anyway, even during our early married years. If a man is going to cheat, he'll cheat no matter how good his woman is to him. Same with a woman.

  11. I work with someone who works with Pat @ QVC. She tells me that Pat is a LESBIAN and has a lover @ QVC. Wouldn't surprise me if its true she seems like a LESBIAN.

  12. "seems like a lesbian" ??!! Seriously??! You need help.

  13. OMG - what a ridiculous comment. So if men aren't constantly entertained they might stray?! What are they two year olds w/no attention span? They need to remember the vows they took. How about finding out why their wife isn't able to pay "enough attention" to them. Nothing like blaming the victim. Wow.

    1. Truer words!!! I say that from experience, believe me. No matter how much 'attention' you give to some men, no matter how good to them and tolerant of their bad behavior you are, some are just narcissistic bastards who don't give a crap about anyone but themselves and so whatever they please and too bad, so sad if you get your feelings hurt. So, thank you for stating your point of view, it is spot on!!!

    2. No truer words. I experienced it first hand too. And then the one he cheated on me came to me to tell me he was cheating on her!! LOL Karma, baby!

  14. OMG - what a ridiculous comment. So if men aren't constantly entertained they might stray?! What are they two year olds w/no attention span? They need to remember the vows they took. How about finding out why their wife isn't able to pay "enough attention" to them. Nothing like blaming the victim. Wow.

    That's why you need to go to the shooting range and practice!

  15. I like Pat and wish only the best for her. Watching her and Dan over the year's has giving me much happiness. Thank's Pat

  16. I like Pat and I hope things are going better for her. Lately she's doing a lot better with the shows again. Just a few months ago she was distracted, spaced out, very nervous. And a year ago whenever I watched her with Jayne, Pat barely spoke at all, which bothered me because she's one of my favorites. Very glad to see her more like her old self lately. As for Jayne, what's with the singing and giggling throughout the shows? Very annoying.

  17. Pat is so beautiful. I love Jayne B and Pat D together in the morning show. I feel like I'm with a few special friends. She has done so much for her girl. I'm so impressed with her life. So glad she left that loser and found herself again. Love her new long hair. She looks like a glamour girl.

  18. Pat's ex was clearly a psychotic stalker with a penchant for violence. I'm sure she suffered silently much longer than anyone realized. It's a shame that her ordeal, and her exes insane behavior have become public knowledge. She seems like s great woman, and a great mother, and I wish her a happier and brighter future!

  19. I've been with QVC since the beginning. Pat has always been such an asset to QVC. I'm sorry to hear all the bad things that she's gone through. I wish her and her daughter all the happiness in life.

  20. Pat seems different. Her face sure is. Staring to look plastic. Much prettier before. Still like her.


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