Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Martha + QVC = It's a Good Thing

According to Everyday-Houseblend.blogspot.com, Martha Stewart will have her own craft hour on QVC Friday, September 26th at 9 am.

But will Martha be there?

Probably not.

Martha Stewart Living crafts expert Hannah Milman will demonstrate the newest offerings from the new line of Halloween and Christmas products on QVC. During Martha Stewart Crafts, learn how to use Martha’s signature tools, glitter, embellishments, adhesives, paper, and holiday decorations to complete many different projects from paper crafting to seasonal decor.

Milman will demonstrate the new Martha Stewart Crafts custom-kitted products, include the Cutting Tool Kit, Halloween Punch Kit, Christmas Ribbon Storage Kit, Food Packaging and Glitter Stamp Craft Kit, which were created especially for the cable shopping channel.

I have loved Martha and her high-falutin ways for years. I have strived to carve my Halloween pumpkins to her impossibly high standards of snooty perfection. I have switched to whole peppercorns--only freshly grated pepper touches my souffles. I have tried to grow my own herbs and bake my own bread from scratch ... but no more! If she can't show up to sell her own items then I will no longer feel the need to hold myself to her high standards.

I have issues with celebrities hawking their wares on home shopping and not bothering to even show up to do it. If you are selling on QVC then it is by definition not below you.

I want Martha!!!!

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  1. CupCaked, keyboard policeJune 17, 2010 at 12:46 PM

    Queen Bea, you misspelled "high-falutin". It's actually high falootin' :-)


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