Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ValCom Merges with America's Auction Network

I'm going to have to do a little research since I'm not terribly familiar with either company, but it looks like AAN might be positioning itself to be one of the home shopping big players.

What I can say right now is that AAN needs a major website design overhaul--it's got cheese written all over it.

According to MarketWatch.com, Media tech company, ValCom, Inc., will merge with America's Auction Network, "one of the world's largest independent auction houses and one of the fastest growing shopping networks with the most diverse niche product lines from art, antiques, coins, collectibles, jewelry, gems and real estate -- even meteorites from outer space. Shows and auctions are available to 40-million plus U.S. households via MOS Cable Systems, Broadcast Stations and are simulcast on the World Wide Web."

"The merger with AANTV and ValCom looks like a marriage made in heaven," says Jeremiah Hartman, Director/President of the American Auction Network. "With our 30+ years in merchandising and marketing, 22 of those years in the home shopping venue and ValCom's extensive management of networks, media, communications, and production experience the last 25 years, we expect revenues to increase to over $250-million in the next four years."

Did ValCom know that ShopNBC is for sale???


  1. Really HSN website isn't any better and is in need of an overhaul. I don't find the website to be very user friendly and it's front page is very "busy".

  2. AAN a big player? Never in a million years. They need to start by throwing away the old school mirrored, rotating display with the numbers on it. Anyone familiar with their location? I am. Run down section of Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater. VERY far removed from HSN in every way. You never see their hosts and the white gloved auctioneers hands (only!) give it a creepy vibe. It's more redneck than Shop At Home was or Jewelry Television ever will be.

  3. I used to work for AAN. It is a back room boiler type operation. Most of the Bids are fake. The merger with Valcom never happen after the Execs from Valcom came and took a look at the operation. The owner of AAN is a crackhead and his company is a fraud. Please beware

  4. Their new marketing specialist ripped me off for thousands in contracted artwork and money.

  5. I was a first time buyer and recently bid and won an item on AAN. I also do believe they bid on their own merchandise to up it to the offered price. The item was a lovely piece if jewelry. I just hope it is a real stone and not colored glass from all of the reviews I've read I am becoming suspicious of this place and don't think I will purchase or tune in again.

  6. A few years ago AAN had a "F" rating by the BBB. Currently they are not a BBB accredited business. Those points along speak volumes about them.

  7. I recently 'won" a 18K Solid Gold Ladies Rolex. When I received the package, it was not the same watch at all. Didn't even resemble the Rolex I bid on. I have returned it. Now lets see if I get my money back....I am very disappointed in this company. Sounds like a ripoff to me!

  8. American Auction Network sells fake items. All I can say is, don't watch their channel and don't buy their items, you will be sorry and feel like a SUCKER.


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