Friday, July 4, 2008

Today's Blue Plate Specials ... Land of the Free Shipping

The HSN TS is a Vivitar 5MP Digital Video Camera with 1GB SD Card and Case. This seems like one of those cameras that are good for the family vacation at Dollywood, but not much else. It does have free shipping though! Free! HSN is having all kinds of sales, specials, and coupon codes this holiday weekend. Check out Queen Bea's coupon code page here.

The ShopNBC OTV is an Acer 15.4" AMD Athlon 64 X2 1.8GHz Notebook, iPod nano & Skinits with Rebate. Queen Bea uses an Acer laptop! I can't say that our relationship hasn't had it's ups and downs, but we're making it work. And there's free shipping! Like HSN, they've got all kinds of sales and specials, so check out the coupon page.

QVC's TSV is a Sport Savvy Stretch Jacket, Tank & Crop Pants with Mini Check Trim.It's cute and looks comfy, but I can get something similar down at Target for waaay less than $40 (plus s&h).

And don't forget, Fenton is back today! I've heard that they are having to make some pieces out of the country, but the items I saw on the Q's website were all Made in the USA. Of course, as usual, QVC doesn't have any specials, sales, or coupon codes going on for the holiday. They couldn't even offer free shipping.

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  1. WTH is the Q thinkin'?? Just what I need in July.....a sweatsuit!


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