Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sally Combs Through her Closet

Sally Combs, who "used to be that crazy lady on TV talking about those Jesus sandals," recently auctioned off her Birkenstock collection on eBay. I guess it was time for her to move on.

Check out her blog here, where you can read all about the healer she met in Bali who had two words for Sally: Strong. Sex ... and then there was some sort of an issue with gas! Intersting! Then there is the all too brief--but certainly juicy--version of her life's story she writes here.

No official word on a new job yet, but she still seems upbeat, positive, and full of forgiveness.

Go Sally!!! Peace.

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  1. on qvc Christmas moments they said watch for Sally in January 2012 selling a new brand of footwear "Earthworks" or a similar name -- good I think she is funny AND very sexy--not a raving beauty; not a great body; but something about her is just plain sexy. she is a woman that I would watch no matter what she was selling, just to hear what she would say next, she is funny.


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