Thursday, July 31, 2008

DeMentri ... in the News Room ... with the Hair Dryer!

Apparently Pat James-DeMentri's soon-to-be-ex-husband, Vince DeMentri has been all the talk in the Philly area this month.

Vince is an anchor for NBC 10, but according to, he has been off air since July 3rd. He allegedly vandalized (i.e. keyed and broke into) morning anchor, Lori Delgado's car. Also, he allegedly took her purse, hair dryer, and curling iron form the news room (the property was eventually found--not sure where exactly). Vince and Lori used to have a "particularly close friendship." I'm not sure if they were good friends before or after his separation from Pat last year.

It doesn't look like he will be facing any charges even though they supposedly caught him on surveillance tape doing those alleged deeds. As of right now, he's still listed on the NBC 10 website as an anchor, but odds are that he won't be for much longer.

Vince DeMentri seems to have a bit of a history of anger management issues. According to, he was arrested shortly after 9/11 for impersonating a federal officer. He said he was an agent for the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms in order to gain access to sealed-off areas. (You can read a detailed account of his interview with two Port Authority police officers who survived the collapse of the towers here. These officers were the focus of the Oliver Stone movie, "World Trade Center.")

Then in 2006, Vince was suspended after an altercation with weather anchor, Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz. DeMentri was standing in water up to his waist while reporting on a flood and was admonished for his unsafe behavior on-air by Schwartz. When DeMentri got back to the studio he screamed and physically threatened Schwartz for embarrassing him on the air.

So, from what I can tell, the guy is just a macho, egotistical jackass prone to throwing temper tantrums ... allegedly.


  1. Probably needed the hairdryer to fix his bouffant Elvis "do"

    Dude looks like he's had plugs too.

  2. He is suffering with Narcissistic Personality Disorder ... :-)

  3. Pat isn't one of my favorite hosts, but she's a nice woman. This must be embarrassing for her....but I have no opinion about Pat's marriage - I've lived long enough to know that a person never knows what's going on, behind closed doors! I feel sorry for her, though, with all this being in the public eye.

  4. I agree Mildred, you never know what goes on behind closed doors.

    Of course, his behavior in public is more than enough for me to want to steer clear of him!

    I feel sorry for Pat too. They also have a daughter, Nichole, who is having to deal with all of this and that has to be difficult.

  5. So, are Pat and Vince getting divorced or what? Also, I'd love to hear Tova's reaction to hubby's Fox News Interview last month where he revealed the "secret" of his youthful appearance. Oh Earnest, what WERE you THINKING!?!

  6. Honestly, I don't know if they are officially divorced yet or not. He has been seen out and about with other ladies, so I hope that they aren't still together.

    Maybe Earnest is on to something ... men do tend to age better than women! Ack!!!

    What can Tova say? Wouldn't you just be humiliated???

  7. I don't know why "Then in 2006, Vince was suspended after an altercation with weather anchor, Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz. " strikes me as being so funny.

  8. Pat laughs at the most inappropiate time...can't complete a sentence without the "laugh". She is depressed and hiding her true feelings...

  9. What happened to Bob Bowersox. I never even heardhe was leaving until one day he wasn't there. I thought I heard he got divorced.

  10. What happened to Pat Demintris dirty divorce? I notice she still wears what appears to be wedding rings

  11. I just wish she would change her bio on Q's page.
    She still says she likes to cuddle up next to her husband...
    Maybe she remarried?????

  12. I heard they got back together. He sounds like a jerk to me.

  13. Wow, she took that idiot back, I'm shocked.
    Hope she protects herself during those "special times", she could end up with something.....

  14. Don't believe everything you read! I worked with both Pat and Vince. I found Vince to be a nice guy who treated the General Manager to the clean up staff with class. I found Pat to be a bit bitchy and an Ice Princess. (And I'm a woman.)


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