Friday, June 6, 2008

ShopNBC OTV: Fab Faux Art

Oil Painting w/ Antique-Inspired Rococo-Style Frame

Item# V36847
4 ValuePays of $24.99
S&H $18.99 (wow ... that's steep)
Frame measures 31"L x 27"H x 3"W

So I guess ShopNBC is tierd of fake diamonds and wants to move onto fake art. There are three choices--all of which are "inspired" by a master all in an antique-looking Rococo-style resin frame that is distressed in gold paint (notice the use of key words like "looking" and "style." Typical!)

There are three choices:

"Moulin de la Galette" is inspired by Renoir's original Impressionist painting "Ball at the Moulan De La Gallette." You can view the original here, I noticed that every other website spelled the name differently. What's up with that ShopNBC editors?

"Wisteria" is inspired by Claude Monet's original Impressionist painting, "Wisteria." You can see the original here.

"Peonies and Sunflowers" is inspired by one of the masters of Impressionism, Vincent van Gogh. Here is one of his Sunflower paintings. They don't specify which one was the actual inspiration, so I'm just guessing.

Even though the paintings got rave reviews for their quality, personally, I'd rather buy from a local artist than one of these mass-produced pieces of faux-art.

This is from the Style at Home collection with Margie Commerford. She seems to have a similar story to Jeanne Bice (Head Quacker at QVC ... not HSN! Poor Jeanne can't remember where she works sometimes!) who started her $50 million dollar business selling clothes at flea markets: "We started our business from simple beginnings, selling stuffed animals from the back of our van in Miami." These woman are true inspirations.

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