Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kathy Levine is Off the Wall

According to Kathy Levine's website, she'll soon be selling "Cute ‘off the wall’ products for your home." I wonder what she'll be selling and if whatever-it-is will find its way onto QVC?

There was no mention of her Hiedi-Daus-style La Vintage jewelry line on her website so that leads me to believe that the jewelry products and the home products will not be playing together on the QVC playground.

Off the wall? Off her rocker? Who knows! but those are definitely qualities that Queen Bea can relate to!


  1. I'm sooooo glad Kathy is back! I'm not really into her jewelry. It's a little gaudy for me, but I always enjoy watching her.

  2. I hoped Kathy Levine was gone for good. She got on my nerves so much that I didn't even like the way she did her fingernails. Gross. She thought she was the hottest thing on TV. I change the channel when she comes on. Anything would be better than she would. Boo QVC. Send her back where she came from.

  3. I'm with Jill. I really enjoy Kathy's presentations. I applaud QVC for seeing her value too.

  4. QVC thinks that old BAD behavior is acceptable again! Jill would sell grown-ups mix-matched socks! Jill should use her pushy sales techniques to tell CORPORATE TO STEP UP! IF QVC IS SO GREAT WHY DID THE HOSTS LEAVE? QVC LOVES TO SELL AND PUSH REJECTED ITEMS!! WELCOME TO THE NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!! LET JILL STAY HOME!!!!!!! ISN'T QVC OVER YET??????????

  5. QVC THINKS WE ARE SUCKERS FOR CRAP! QVC'S CORPORATE IS OFF THE WALL!!! Jill sure has taste! Everyone is broke but hey, let's buy some more useless crap NONONE including HSN wants to sell!!!!!


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