Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Joan Rivers Delivers New Baby Too!

No, not deliver exactly ... had delivered to her home perhaps! While on the Q with Lisa Robertson, Joan recently showed off the latest addition to her family--a 10-week-old Havanese puppy named Sam (short for Samantha).

Joan recently lost her dog, Lulu, to cancer, and although she knows that it isn't a good idea to get another dog while still in morning, she just felt the house was empty.

Joan said on her blog that she was looking for "a small, docile female. These requirements were essential as Max, my rescue Pekingese, hates everybody" He's not taking to the new addition and refuses to even be in the same room with her--poor little Sam!

As a dog lover, what Joan had to say about the recent passing of her beloved dog, Lulu, made me cry. My heart goes out to her.

"Unfortunately, our dear friend and beloved companion, Lulu, had to be put down early this morning. I’m sure, however, that she is now in a place where she can bark all she wants, lick all she likes, chew yellow tennis balls to her heart’s content, and feast on a never-ending bowl of delicious liver treats. Lulu shared my bed and my heart for 12 wonderful years. The thing that I will treasure (and miss) the most is that she is the only dog I ever had who truly smiled."

Lulu smiling

ETA: Be sure to check out Joan on Celebrity Family Feud on NBC in July where she faces off against rapper, Ice-T. My money is on Joan.

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