Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chaz Dean's New Triplets!

After the deaths of Chaz's two dogs, Grace and Montgomery, he has recently welcomed three new additions to the Chaz Dean Studio family: Spencer, Hunter, & Ella--or The Trinity as he calls them!

They are sooooooo cute!!!

I have never tried the WEN products sold on QVC and I have to admit that the concept of washing with conditioner kinda sorta scares me! They have a huge cult following so there must be something to it! I would definitely try a free sample though.

You can even use the products on your pets. They recommend using the Sweet Almond Mint, Fig, Cucumber Aloe or Lavender Cleansing Conditioners on your animals. They do not recommend using Tea Tree on animals as they tend to be allergic or sensitive to Tea Tree. For dogs they follow with the Sweet Almond Mint or Fig Oil on their dry coat, keeping them soft, shiny & smelling heavenly. WEN products and ingredients are not tested on animals.

Chaz was on last week for only one one-hour show to celebrate his anniversary with the Q. Supposedly, he has several new products in the works and they just weren't ready in time for the big anniversary. So don't fret! He'll be on again soon.

If you would like to make a donation honoring Grace Kelly Dean and Montgomery Clift Dean, please call (970)491-3932 or visit the "Premier Animal Cancer Research Facility" website.

Chaz and Grace


  1. I don't care what anyone says, that Anthony girl is guilty. This country turned into the biggest liar, cheating, deceiving place. If my car smelled like a dead body, I would not have gotten over like she did. Amazing. Only did three years for murder one.

  2. wtf....this is about chaz's dogs.......but yes, Anthony truly got away with murder.

  3. Got away??is no over yeah for her..anyway I love Wen..Chaz you make me happy!


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