Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Diane Gilman's Extreme Fountain of Youth

As an avid home shopping viewer, I am more than accustomed to seeing tightly pulled faces pushing magic lotions, potions, and serums on me (Joan ... Adrienne ... yeah, that's right, I'm looking at you!). But Diane Gilman--known for her flashy Baby-Boomer-friendly fashions on HSN--is apparently trying even more extreme measures than your standard face lift. She's taking Human Growth Hormone therapy (HGH)--a treatment popular in Hollywood circles with celebs such as Nick Nolte, Pam Anderson, Janet Jackson.

According to an article from the Sunday Mirror, Diane was looking for a way to stop--and even reverse--the aging process. A skin peel just wasn't gonna do it.

HGH, touted as the elixir of life, naturally starts to decline around 30, so the theory is that keeping those levels up will put the brakes on aging and all the wrinkles, tiredness, and aches and pains it entails. But all this comes at a high cost--both financial and health.

"As soon as I started to take HGH I felt as if my internal clock was ticking in reverse. My skin toned up and I dropped four stone, my hair is glossy and thick, my nails are strong and best of all, I have so much energy. My depression lifted and I feel as if I've been reborn."

Dr. Ron Livesey, who treats Diane, even admitted that the onset of cancer would be sped up if the cancer was already present in the body when someone starts taking HGH because it causes all the cells in the body to grow faster.

"Am I vain? Probably," states Gilman. "Who isn't? But it isn't just about looks - I feel healthy. I am a better person because of HGH."

Beyond all the cancer risks and lack of evidence of long-term benefits, there are other strange side effects to worry about: "too much HGH can deepen your voice, give you coarse, oily skin, an abnormally large tongue and a prominent forehead. Oh... and your hands and feet can start growing too."

Yikes! Seriously scary stuff.

All the articles that I was able to find were several years old. I wonder if she's still doing this and if this is the same or similar to what fellow HSN vendor, Suzanne Somers, does?

And BTW, what was up with the crazy gold lame top, Diane??? Wow.


  1. Her hair is so long and full. I always wondered if she was using extensions. Maybe this is what she's doing???

  2. A little like a dude. Balls in a pill?

  3. Diane Gilman's hair is naturally curly, she is Jewish and I am sure she has some African in her Bibical heritage and that is why she has all that hair, she does have it straighten,I have seen her years ago on HSN when she was selling "SILK" clothing and her hair was everywhere, thick and frizzy...it looked just like mine.....Oh! and that is all here hair, they don't make extension to match that kind of hair ...I know that personally. (O :

  4. The above statement is inaccurately attributed to me. I have never made such a statement.

    The statement itself is nonsensical: how could the onset of something be sped up if it were already present? The statement also contains several mistruths: hGH does not “cause all cells in the body to grow faster” and hGH does not even seem to accelerate the growth of existing cancer cells.

    From my observation over the past 18 years, hGH significantly reduces the incidence of aging related cancers by stimulating and maintaining a healthier immune system.

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