Friday, June 27, 2008

The Bedazzling Heidi Klum

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Heidi Klum’s clover jewelry on QVC (or my boyfriend, Rick Domeier tripping all over his own tongue when he hosts with her!), but she is the reason I have Project Runway and for that I will eternally be grateful. And now all the Project Runway designers are coming to QVC! Read about season 1 winner, Jay, coming soon here. It’s just win-win for Queen Bea!

Anyway, back to the jewelry … Heidi recently said in an interview with, “I don’t have a formal technique for designing jewelry, I just let myself become inspired by everything around me — vintage designs, trips, etc. The jewelry also reflects my personal style and the pieces I love to wear.

Heidi has also just created a collection for Jordache (read a review here—apparently she forgot that we aren’t all built or paid like supermodels!). And did you know that she has a Birkenstock collection too? Check it out here.

Is there nothing she can’t do??? You know, I’m still not completely convinced that she’s a real person. Anyone who can pop out a baby and turn around and strut down the Victoria’s Secret runway a few short months later just can’t be human.

Did you know that Heidi used to be addicted to the Bedazzler??? "I have always had a very unique sense of style. I love bright colors and bold prints that make a statement. When I was young I was all about be-dazzling! I would be-dazzle everything from jean jackets to bags." It's ok, we all have our dirty little secrets!

You can catch Heidi tomorrow on the Q. Behave yourself, Rick! Queen Bea will be watching ... :-)

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