Thursday, March 13, 2014

QVC Host Alberti Popaj’s Body of Work

Before QVC, new host Alberti Popaj was not afraid to flaunt his considerable assets in the entertainment industry. And, no, I’m not talking about being a vendor rep for Alterna hair products. Boyfriend can sing, act, dance, and—as Sophia from the Golden Girl’s once said—he has buns like Baryshnikov!

According to IMDB, he’s been an aspiring actor for several years, playing small roles in movies like Rush Hour 3 and working on some small art-house style shorts like Gratitude and Still Lives.

"'still lives' is the story of a man and a woman falling in - and out - of love, told through black and white still photographs, set to the music of ravel and satie. directed by michael rababy"

By the way, he does get a little ... ahem ... naked in the Still Lives movie during a romantic bedroom scene. Not that you’re interested in seeing his derriere in the least, because I'm sure you're not. (If you're too lazy to watch the entire movie--which you should--just click here. But, remember while you’re clicking directly to the money scene that you should be very, very ashamed of yourself for doing so!)

Showing that David isn't the only host who can make a yum-yum face, Alberti also did some funny Sonic commercials in which he’s having a love affair with a hamburger. I can totally relate. I once had a clandestine affair with a thin-crust pepperoni and jalapeno pizza with extra cheese. Guuurl, was it ever hawt!

Most recently, Alberti played the smart aleck wine steward in the TV show, Susanna, featuring Maggie Grace and Anna Paquin.

Before the acting career, Alberti was also a model and quite the heartthrob pop star. Shkruaj ne emailin tim (which I think is Albanian for "Write to my email") was the winner of the 2006 "Best Male Video" at the Video Fest Awards in Prishtina, Kosova. He also won a Zhurma Show Award in 2004. I don’t know what these award shows are exactly, but I’m guessing they're a foreign version of the American Grammy Awards. Here he is accepting an award and here he is performing live at the show.

According to his QVC blog, Alberti beat out 10,000 people to get his hosting job. And now you know the skills it took for him to do it!


  1. Bea, that isn't Alberti that is shirtless in that movie! Alberti is the fully clothed co-star with the small bit part in the beginning. I had such high hopes after reading your post! Alberti is my secret boyfriend. ;-)

    Love your blog!

  2. Alberti doesn't have a profile on IMDB

  3. I'm sorry to be so negative but I cannot stand this man. He seems like a brown noser who wants to be everybody's friend and sticks his nose in everybody's business.

    1. Agreed; I can't watch more than 5 minutes when he's on.

  4. Wow.... Look at Alberti in that vid... Now that puts a whole new spin on things... Hot hot hot!! Not just hilarious ..... Alberti... #greatwork

  5. I heard he got the QVC hosting job because his friend Dennis Basso pushed it.

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  7. Frankly I'm sick of him talking and acting like a tween girl, can't watch him.

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