Thursday, June 3, 2010

Is Patti Reilly Dancing with the Stars?

Was just asked to submit a demo reel for DWTS. In shock, WOW!

Yesterday, Patti Reilly allegedly tweeted that she was asked to submit a demo reel for Dancing with the Stars. This tweet heard round the home shopping world caused mass mayhem on both the QVC message boards and Queen Bea's inbox.

But then the tweet in question disappeared. Or, as some would insist, did it ever really exist?

Since I didn't get a screen shot of the original tweet, I had to go in through the back door. Here is a screen shot of all the people responding to Patti:

So either all these people just suddenly decided to respond with their congratulations for no reason whatsoever, or the tweet really happened and Patti went back later to delete it.

Patti can always be counted on to stir the pot, can't she?


  1. Since I wish Patti to be GONE from QVC, naturally I wish her all the best in this DWTS venture, as well as any other venture she may go after, as long as it is Somewhere Other Than QVC.

  2. Oh that would make for some excellant entertainment being that she is pigeon toe and bowed legs.

  3. Hahaha I see myself. :)

    I can confirm, Queen Bea!

    I love DWTS, and Patti is okay, but the two should not mix.

  4. Just found out from a blogger on TWoP site that she has since removed that comment that she posted on her Twitter account....
    The poster felt she may have done it because of the ass-kicking she is most likely receiving about it on the Q boards and most certainly TWoP!!

    She isn't fooling anyone....if she was going to be a contestant one would think she didn't have to submit a video....
    No one really knows who she is, she is a legend in her own mind....

    Another desperate attempt at trying to be someone...all the stars that appear on that show were most likely asked by the Producers and I bet not one of them had to provide a demo tape.....come on Patti, you are most likely forcing yourself on them so they finally threw up their arms in surrender and said "well okay, send us a tape and we'll let you know".....

    How many times has she nudged her way into an invite to one of the vendors homes while on air? she has no class...
    Only QVC watchers would know who she is if she does go on to dance, and that isn't going to garner her enough votes to stay but one or two weeks.....

    Let's face it, most of the viewers can't stand the desperada!!!
    She is in LaLa land with her crap, heck I'm going to email DWTS and beg them not to put her on....

    That is one of my favorite shows, why ruin it with such an ill mannered, self-centered, "memememe" mentality blow hart? (in my opinion)

  5. Does no one think that she took it down because she decided (or someone told her) that she probably shouldn't be talking about it? IMO, it's probably slightly more legitimate than people might think.

  6. I'm just not sure that Patti has the "celebrity" status to warrant an invite to DWTS. But who knows--the Q has been getting a lot of media attention, so maybe she was approached. She's definitely not one of my favorite QVC hosts, but Shawn Killinger irritates me more than Patti.

  7. If Nicey Nash can dance with her "full" figure so can Patti! She would be absolutely stunning!

  8. CupCaked (" I won't dance, don't ask me" )June 4, 2010 at 8:06 PM

    Hmm. I don't know how I feel about this. While I'd certainly enjoy a personal warm, fuzzy feeling watching a TV shopping host (or hostess) skipping across the DWtS stage, I'm not sure how the rest of the country would take somebody like Patti Reilly. Plus, I'm not sure if she can dance. She hardly makes her way across the sets sometimes.

    Yeahbut maybe Shawn K. would be better.

  9. NO,NO,NO!!!
    PLZ people...we see enough of her already...DWTS is one of my favorite shows.Why would they want"Chatty Patty?"
    I saw her last nite with my favorite vendor,Susan G & wanted to put a hankie or something in her mouth(Patti).Susan is so sweet & humble....why place her with Patti???
    Poor Susan.Patty has a big mouth.She is rude & crude...when is she leaving??? Jewelry TV would be good for her.We don't have it on cable here.I wouldn't have to see her,cause I only order on-line!!!
    PLZ no Patti on DWTS...PLZ.....

  10. Patty reilly get a gripp of your self face it you are nothing more than a fast approaching middle age sales lady who will most likely never get a man because of your whacked mind .You are not what you try to present your self to be.It shines threw.

  11. wow just caught a glimps of Patty R with the spanxs lady Pattys thighs look to be balooning maybe she forgot her spanxs.

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  13. Luv her, hope she makes it!!

  14. I sure hope not. We'll never hear the end of it from her.

  15. I just now saw Patti Reilly for the 1st time, then found this conversation. Is she pigeon-toed? Or is this a weird pigeon-toed pose? It seems to have become a favorite of models, for some reason.

  16. Should I say pigeon toed ?

  17. Patti would do anything to gain celebrity. She probably started it herself or asked a 'friend' to do it. She is trying to generate a buzz and all she gets is "zzzz" as a response! She does Zumba and has some how made the connection that she can be on DWTS!

  18. OMG! So right! She even said on the air that she was going to TEACH Zumba. God, this chick has gone nuts.

    She keeps going on and on about being unhappy. How about a therapy session or two? I am sick of her always turning every damn thing around so she can make a personal reference in the process.

    As for the original Twitter entry that started this, we can all bet the farm that she did in fact post it herself. She was probably contacted by remove it! She has also posted some unauthorized things on her website with a link to You Tube and those have magically been poofed too! What a sad sack she is.

  19. She wants us to believe that DWTS contacted her and she wants us to believe that all that hair is really hers. It changes length like her boobs change size. Sadly, we understand this but she does not.

    People love her or hate her and the sad part is that the "lovers" never seem to see the reality of the situation, meaning the total contradiction she most certainly is.

  20. Does anyone know the background of one of her guests that attended her 10th celebration? Yup, the hunky but sort of balding guy was none other than Darren Daulton. If you don't know who he is, look him up. He's as wacked as Patti. He's had a few run-ins with the law for DUI, etc. AND domestic violence. Better than that, he thinks he's a time traveler. He's into numerology and the occult, too and even wrote a book about it. Are we really surprised? Nope. Not a bit.

  21. Patti Reilly is not a star! And no she's not doing Dancing with the stars.
    She's a overpaid sales girl at a local department store, except she's on tv selling items and just gets paid more. I would hardly call her a star

  22. She is trying so hard to be famous and it's not working. Generating your own buzz is really sad, Patti. Please stop.

  23. Quacker lady let it slip that Patti would complain that everyone was going on trips but not her ; This was around the time of Robertson' anniversary in LA ; she apparently views herself as a victim too

  24. I believe Patti has tried everything under the sun,to get someone in LA to notice her.Patti get over.Your fast aproaching middle age and showing signs of that i might add.Just relax be happy you landed a good job with qvc.also with all the jumping up and down thatyou do your body will not change it is what it is.

  25. Now, she's sucking up to Dave King. She is probably looking to get a deal like he has. He lives in LA but also works for ShopNBC. Just think, she could be back with Bob Bowersox again, just annoying him to death.

  26. Doe anyone else think it's hilarious that Lisa Robertson -- you know her...she's Patti's "good friend" -- goes to LA at least once a year and never seems to manage to hook up with Patti? Lisa did see Dave King on this last trip but alas, Patti must be too busy. Hilarious!


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