Thursday, April 29, 2010

The QVC Reselling Used Makeup Story has Gone Viral

Complaints about QVC reselling used cosmetics have risen from the depths of the QVC message boards and catapulted all the way up to celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton.

The once humble message board thread, which as of this posting you can still view here, has gone viral through the beauty and gossip blogs. Here are just a few of the blogs covering the story: StyleListFrom Mascara to MeatloafShine from YahooStyleiteCoco Perez, and Racked.

It's one thing when Queen Bea posts about the dirty underbelly of home shopping, but it's quite another when everyone else does it. Queen Bea pokes fun out of love.

If QVC knows what's best for them, they'll try to get in front of this story before it makes the inevitable leap from Perez to the mainstream media. And, no, that doesn't mean poofing the post! That will only add fuel to the fire.



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  2. I can't believe QVC left the thread up this long and only four pages of replies.

    I agree with one poster, you can't see brush marks on LG's baked products.


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