Monday, April 5, 2010

QVC Model Angel Blogs About Her New Gig

Quack! Quack!

QVC model Angel Smedley recently got a new job working as a vendor rep for Quacker Factory. And due to popular demand, she also started a blog called "Ask Angel" on the Quacker Factory website whers she answered all the questions that she's been bombarded with since the big news.

This how she says she got the job:
As you know I have been working with Jeanne and the Quacker Factory team for a long time. Modeling on the Quacker Factory shows, but also behind the scenes doing make-up for Jeanne and working with the product development team has given me a whole new perspective. A few months ago Jeanne mentioned that QVC had suggested adding another on-air guest, as a backup, for over-nights, etc. She asked if I was interested.Of course! But it took quite a while. I took some training sessions QVC offered. I auditioned, along with a number of other possible candidates. Quacker Factory and QVC management reviewed the tapes, etc. Then, after lots of discussions, the word came down: I was chosen!
Angel answers more of your burning questions on her blog, so check it out here.

In other former QVC model news, did you know that Renee Smith is now a motivational speaker?

*Sigh* ... our girls grow up so fast, don't they?


  1. Does she have to wear the Quacker clothes to and from work? If so, she needs to ask for a raise ASAP!

  2. I like Angel's presentations. I think QF gets a bad rap. There are some understated cute clothes in the line.

  3. Well good for Angel. I'm glad to see she got the job. I do think some QF clothes are cute if worn in moderation and in the right situation.

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  6. Looks like Angel Smedley is a busy person more than ever before. Good for her.

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  7. Angel Smedly looks happy in the picture, is she still answering the queries on the Quacker website? Seems like your QVC models are really moving up, must have been good exposure at QVC.

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  8. Hi! Modeling is really good! Wearing different clothes with fashion! I know Angel is really enjoying with her job, and this could really make her earn more:)

    Angel deserves every bit of reward from her job!Good work Angel! Keep it up! :)

    Kristine from Christian Jewelry

  9. I wonder where is Angel now? And what she is doing for this month. Are there any updates on this?? :)

  10. I also wondering where Angel is right now.....

    Thanks from siersplit

  11. Wow! this is great! You are really great Angel! I like this blog too! qvc coupons

  12. Angel is very good! YOU DONE WELL, AND I miss Jennie. I will buy something Quacker in her Memory. Still so sad to see QF and no Jennie, but then again, WE SEE HER, DON'T WE. QVC, CHOSE WELL, ANGEL IS AN ANGEL. JENNIE IS SMILING.

  13. I actually thought Angel was maybe Jennies daughter. She seems just like her. Well done, Angel, makes us smile like Jennie. :) :)

  14. When are you going to get back to long jeans?

  15. Your great,,thank youu

  16. Very ugly outfits.... I wouldn't wear them if they paid me.

  17. Clothes are made for women. Why the hell are you even on this site?


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