Saturday, April 10, 2010

Not the Smithsonian's First Faux Rodeo

The Smithsonian's recent deal with QVC to sell faux versions of their priceless collection of jewels made headlines everywhere: the New York Times, the Washington Post,  The Atlantic (OMG! Queen Bea was featured!)

The common theme seemed to be dread and horror at the mass market cheapening of our national treasures. But little did anyone know that our precious jewels were tainted long ago. This might be the first time the Smithsonian lowered its standards to peddle copies of its jewelry on an American home shopping network, but its not the first time they have sold out to a home shopping channel.

The Australian home shopping channel, TVSN, currently has their Smithsonian collection on clearance (sorry, all sales are final!) The Australian Smithsonian collection features the Napolean Diadem Pin, the Sultan's Emerald Pin, and of course the iconic Hope Diamond Pin

The Smithsonian Icon Hope Diamond Pin is described as being "faithfully adapted from the original Hope Diamond found in the Harry Winston Gallery at the Smithsonian's Natioanl Musuem of Natural History. The original 45.52 carat diamond is known for its deep blue colour as well as it's dramatic history. Our centre stone is custom cut European glass and surrounded by fifteen cubic zirconia."

I sure hope the Q does a better job interpreting the Smithsonian collection cause I'm not impressed with any of these pieces.


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