Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Isaac Mizrahi: Can't Buy Me Love!

I have been trying to figure out exactly why every time I see yet another promo on the Q for yet another appearance of Isaac Mizrahi, I let out an exasperated groan and quickly reach for the remote.

I like Isaac. I've always found his short attention span, his enthusiasm, and his willingness to stick his neck out in the fashion industry entertaining. Not to mention that his unabashed love of Quacker Factory is a refreshing change to the usual stuffy, snobby fashion designer. So why am I so annoyed by his very presence all of a sudden?

I think that I finally know what's been bugging me.

Isaac is like those people at the amusement park who shell out the big bucks to get those quick, speedy, platinum, I'm-better-than-all-you-plebs passes that send them straight to the front of the roller coaster line. You know, that line you've been waiting in for the last two and half hours with the blazing sun beating down on your neck and nary a cold drink in sight? Yeah, that line. I know they paid the extra money for the privilege, but it's still not fair.

It's not Isaac's personality, or his fashions, or even his cheesecake. It's his special straight-to-the-front-of-the-line QVC plaid pass.

Most vendors, no matter their celebrity status or designing credentials, have to at least prove themselves to the customers before getting doled out hours of dedicated air time and TSV's every other week--not to mention a custom-built studio in New York. Come on ... was that really necessary?

QVC has always been a bit of a democracy. The powers that be parade new products on the air and we the customers vote with our wallets. The more votes a vendor gets the more perks they earn. So when Bare Escentual's Leslie Blodgett, WEN's Chaz Dean, or Honora's Joel Schechter is on with another TSV, it's because the customers decided that they earned the right to be there.

On the other hand, Isaac didn't spend the time building up a loyal QVC customer base. Isaac and his entire studio just went straight to the front of the line.

And while I suppose most of Isaac's TSV's have performed moderately well, he did have one that went over like a lead cheesecake. Remember the $40 scoop-necked T-shirt? A T-shirt shouldn't have to be on easy pay--even with the embellishments.

I really do like Isaac, but just like his cheesecake, a little goes a long way.



  1. Have you seen his new Mrs.Prindable's apples?


    6 apples for $40 + $10 shipping

  2. I'm with ya, but his cheesecake was pretty darn tasty. Issac Plaid Juniors Cheesacake, 50 bucks of tastebud heaven.

  3. I couldn't agree more! I really do think the Q made a mistake with him. I really don't like his merchandise and don't envision buying any of his stuff. The Q may end up taking a bath. They should have stuck with what they do best.

  4. I hadn't thought of it that way before, but you're EXACTLY RIGHT.

    I would never mail order plants either, but obviously someone does and the buyers back it up. When I see Isaac, I wonder who would ever order any of it.

  5. May 3rd and another Issac TSV-if anyone from the Q ever reads this blog, its really getting offensive.

  6. what is up with Lisa Robertson calling one of the models out on pm style I saw you sucking in your stomach"And being snippy towards angle the new rep for quacker factory.Shes acting like a byotch show host diva.Lisa take your glasses off your an old broad with tons of makeup get over yourself!!!!

  7. Every piece of Issac M merchandise I have purchased, I have returned. His clothes fit smaller than any other clothes I have purchased from QVC and the quality wasn't as I expected. Also, QVC needs to cool it for at LEAST a month or two before doing another Issac TSV.


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