Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dan Wheeler: QVC Host by Day, Rock Star by Night

Who knew that mild-mannered veteran QVC host, Dan Wheeler, had a secret life? And as a rock star no less!

Dan plays bass and even sings some lead vocals in the classic rock band, Blue Sky Band. I can only assume that the name is an homage to the Allman Brothers song of the same name.

But unlike most rock stars, Dan isn't in it for the hoards of groupies and requisite stint in drug rehab. Not only are all the guys in the band just in it for the fun, they also donate all the proceeds from their to charity.
According to the Blue Sky Band website, this is what you can expect to hear at one of their shows:
Blue Sky plays mainly classic rock and roll, especially music by the Allman Brothers and other Southern style rock. Twin guitar numbers such as Blue Sky, Jessica, and Ramblin Man are featured. Classic rock staples such as numbers by the Rolling Stones, Neil Young, and Eric Clapton are also prominent in the repertoire. More roots and jam oriented music, such as that of Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead, and blues numbers provide additional variety. Popular party staples such as numbers by Van Morrison and Jimmy Buffet get everyone up dancing!
If you're in the Philly area, you should totally check them out! Have fun, see a favorite host, support charity ... it's all good. Plus they have some sort of pirate that likes to show up sometimes. Not sure what that's about. But if The Wiggles can have a pirate, I suppose Blue Sky Band can have one too!

Here's all their links in case you ever want to check out a show:

Blue Sky Band Facebook

Blue Sky Band MySpace

Blue Sky Band Website

By the way, new host and aspiring musician, Jonathan Redford will be playing a concert next week. Check it out!


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