Friday, April 10, 2009

ShopNBC Rocks the iPhone

ShopNBC is gonna be rolling out a new mobile app for the Apple iPhone and the iPod Touch--beating HSN and QVC to the punch.

From your iPhone, you'll be able to check out the OTV, review the last 12 items on air, and what's being presented right now. Of course, for more info, you can click through to the website or you can call ShopNBC from your iPhone to order. Pretty slick.

They also have info and fun little tidbits about the hosts for when you need a Charla fix on the go!

Check out a demo here (OMG! You must see the jacket on the demo!)

"The ShopNBC app is part of the company's mobile strategy, which is part of a broader 'ShopNBC Anywhere' initiative," said ShopNBCproject spokesperson Marv Segel. "We believe that shopping should be fun – an escape from the ordinary into a world where anything is possible. The network's initial merchandising strategy on this mobile app is to focus on incredible deals, with a taste for what else can be seen on the network."

Does this open up ShopNBC to the almost 30 million iPhone and iPod users who otherwise wouldn't watch a home shopping channel on TV??? Will this new "ShopNBC Anywhere" initiative help save them??? Any iPhone users out there with any thoughts???


  1. *THIS* app I will download for my iPhone as soon as it's available! My husband is becoming unhinged already :-)

  2. The first jacket w/ all the zippers reminds me of something Michael Jackson would wear....

  3. There's a chance you are eligible to receive a Apple iPhone 7.


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