Thursday, March 26, 2009

OMG! I Never Win Anything!

I have learned three things about sending out contest winner emails: 1) understandably, everyone thinks that an email titled "You Won!" is spam, 2) no one has ever won anything before ... "OMG! I've never won anything!" seems to be the refrain I hear most often, and 3) it's so much fun making people happy!

Anyway ... on to our Lori Greiner contest Runner Up Winners:

Karen chose the Floral Room Fragrance with Flower Accents in gardenia--no lavender! she's allergic and she doesn't think that headaches are relaxing. Picky, picky ... :-)

Laura chose the Set of 3 Cell Phone Bags so she can stay in style while she stays in touch.

Sue, Sue, Sue ... oh, what am I gonna do with you!!! I emailed Sue that she was one of the winners, but I haven't heard back from her. So please, Sue, email me so you can get your Set of 3 "On the Go" Bag Organizers! I think you might need them!

Helen chose this fabulous Set of 4 Convenient "No Mess" Cooking Spoons so she can keep things hot and spicy in the kitchen ... and, trust me, there is nothing sexier than not having to scrub caked on spaghetti sauce off the counter!

Heather chose the Toile Cosmetics Box because she likes to keep her makeup just as safe as her silver.

Congratulations to all our lucky Runner Ups! Lori G. is one cool chickie-poo ... who would've ever thought she liked listening to Eminem! If you missed Queen Bea's interview with Lori, check out part one here and part two here.

And FYI, if you entered the contest and you're on Facebook, you probably got a friend request from me. So don't think that "Bea Queenston" is some crazy Facebook stalker! :-)

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