Friday, March 27, 2009

Grand Slam to Grand Glam

As reported by Queen Bea last year, Serena Williams--who was just voted WTA player of the year again--will soon be rolling out a new jewelry, fashion, and accessory line at HSN--Signature Statement.

Although the Serena Williams page is up on HSN, none of her products are listed yet. However, Serena just posted a You Tube video showing off her new wares. Check it out:

I'm pretty sure that if you flip over those earrings that Serena's wearing and look closely on the back, you'll see my name written somewhere. Love! Love! Love! You know how I like to rock the big diva earrings. As usual, not a fan of the heart stuff ... Queen Bea is heartless, y'all!

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to see Serena play in a charity tennis tournament with Andy Roddick. She was amazing as usual and even a little funny too. I'm not a tennis player, but Mr. Queen Bea is, and he was very impressed. Plus, my son managed to snag a tennis ball!

Check out the new Serena collection April 30th!


  1. Looking forward to seeing Serena's work, but, I sure hope she will not being doing the segments with Joy Mangano who I heard got her in to HSN, I don't think I could have enough ear plugs to drown her out.

    She ruined Rosie O's segment, the Green Pan guy, Todd, stands there and never gets a word in, so, who knows if Serena will fall into the Joy trap!

  2. Serena's stuff is one of the cutest, most affordable fashion lines on HSN.


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