Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jessica Simpson Back at QVC

Jessica Simpson hawked her Dessert Beauty Line on the Q a few years ago during the heyday of her Newlyweds reality show. Remember? OMG, they did an entire episode about Jessica being sick while she was shooting the promo pictures for the line. I didn't think that spoke to highly of the products considering that they were supposedly edible (or at least lickable) beauty products. But they played it up dramatically like she was possibly pregnant and had morning sickness. Of course she wasn't.

Anyway, I digress.

Jessica then headed over to HSN with her bestest hair guru pal, Ken Paves, to sell their line of hair pieces and wigs called Hairdo. Unfortunately, Jessica would never show up in person to sell her wares, leaving all the heavy lifting to Ken. I hate it when celebrities want to slap their name on a product and sell it to the masses on a home shopping channel but refuse to actually show up to do it. Ummm, no ... you gotta pay to play, baby!

Even though the Hairdo line is still on HSN right now, it won't be there for long. Looks like Jessica and her fake hair are headed back to the Q. the picture isn't up yet, but check it out.

I'm predicting that more and more celebrities will be beating down the doors to get on QVC or HSN this year. Apparently celebrity vanity lines are tanking in this economy and they'll be looking for a lifeline.

ETA: I completely forgot to mention that Toni Brattin is probably slapping on her favorite Toni Pony and throwing herself a party! Go Toni, it's your birthday ... go Toni, it's your birthday ...

(hat tip to godfreako ... whoever you may be!)


  1. You rule Home Shopping Queen, I always love coming to your blog to see what's going on! What makes QVC think that Miss Simpson will show up in person for them? Why would she leave HSN when she has apparently been successful (well Ken has). Do you think it's all about the money, (probably). I'm sure Toni Bratin is singing right now, she can be the hair queen again!

  2. What on earth could Jessica be hawking now? I haven't seen any new advertisements for products she's affiliated with. Any news on that?


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