Wednesday, January 7, 2009


My son isn't feeling well today, so I've been a little remiss in my blogging duties. *sorry* But, it has given me some much-needed time to mull over the whole Bob thing. I've read your comments and emails (y'all don't like to beat around the bush!) and looked through the message boards (before the posts are quickly poofed, of course). Suffice it to say, there is no clear consensus of opinion.

So why is everyone so interested? Why does it matter if Bob suddenly disappears in a cloud of controversy with nary a goodbye cheesecake from Juniors or even a stinking plate of celebratory crab cakes? Well, maybe not the crab cakes ... but you get the idea.

I think I finally know.


Not respect for the host or the management, but respect for us, the loyal viewers and customers who keep them in business. A simple explanation, a little warning, and a decent sendoff is the very least that they can do for us. I realize that sometimes circumstances won't always allow for this, but it seems to be the trend now to ditch hosts like a used Kleenex.

What separates home shopping channels from all other retail outlets--brick-and-mortar like Wal-Mart or online like Amazon--is the entertainment and community they provide. Sure, the hosts are just glorified salespeople, but we get to know their on-air personalities, we become accustomed to seeing them--to the point of being annoyed by their quirks, and we are naturally curious about what goes on behind-the-scenes.

So whether you were an avid "In the Kitchen with Bob" fan or you snidely called him Bob Boringsox on the message boards ... and no matter what you believe the circumstances of his departure really were, you deserved better.

If they want to attract new customers and keep the old loyal base, they need to learn a little respect.

I will now climb down from my soap box and hand things over to an expert in the area of repect. Preach on, Aretha!


  1. First of all, thanks for posting Bob's farewell video. I didn't get a chance to see it when it aired and I appreciate having a chance to see it.

    I don't think we will ever know for certain the circumstances surrounding Bob's sudden exit. However there are some clues that can lead one to assume that neither Bob nor QVC was expecting the unexpected exit. This leads me to believe that there was some sort of Human Resources problem. A problem severe enough that QVC had to give Bob the axe very suddenly. That is just an assumption and I won't speculate as to what he did, but I don't think there is any other explanation that makes sense.

  2. Yes, I think, as viewers and home shopping consumers, we deserve better, but I also understand that there are times when circumstances dictate matters be dealt with privately for the sake of all concerned, and I think that the Bob Bowersox leave-taking is one of those times.We may never know, but maybe we don't have to know because we shouldn't.

  3. I expect he did something (or has a pattern that could no longer be ignored) that demanded the decision. It could be a situation where they offered him the opportunity to resign verses being fired, but were not willing to draw his leaving out.
    I think Bob had been dialing it in for a long time. I think his heart wasn't necessarily in it any longer but after so many years, what else to do? Just make it through to retirement.
    Though I guess other long timers better take note that tenure is not enough. You better also sell, sell, sell and act appropriately.

  4. Obviously we think alike considering I mentioned this in my comment on the Bob post. WE do deserve more than what we got........

  5. Hey Cowboys Wife! Great minds think alike. :-)

    Good grief, your hairdresser would even let you know if they were planning on leaving he salon--it's just common courtesy. If this were an anomaly, that would be understandable, but they've been doing this with all the hosts lately.

    Love your blog BTW!

  6. Esp. when QVC encourages the whole family atmosphere thing, always thanking the audience for "keeping them company" & selling while using the home/family concept. They want hosts to be familiar to the audience enough so that customers will trust them & keep buying from them so I think when someone has 22 yrs. in the biznez in front of everyone, (even if he wasn't my particular favorite) they owe him & their audiences something better....

  7. just curious does anyone know what the fight between the ramseys and mccoys was about.

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