Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In Defense of Carolyn Gracie

There has been all kinds of snarky and downright nasty remarks made about Carolyn Gracie eating dog food on air. The point she was trying to make was that Halo is just food like any other food you eat. The recipe was just developed with the nutritional needs of a dog or cat in mind instead of a human. What's the big deal?

Take a look at the ingredients: Chicken broth, chicken, carrots, celery, yellow squash, zucchini, chicken liver, pasta, green peas, green beans, turkey, calcium citrate, barley, oats, dicalcium phosphate, soy sauce, dried kelp, garlic, zinc gluconate, ascorbic acid, copper gluconate

Does that look disgusting to you? Try comparing that to all the prepackaged or fast food that you eat every day. This pet food is of a much higher quality than most of the stuff I eat, that's for sure! As Carolyn wrote in her last blog, "I'm telling you, HALO is so good and so nutritious and full of healthy ingredients for your pets, that it should not even be called "pet” food."

Regardless of what you think of her as a host, anyone who will rescue and care for as many neglected animals as Carolyn has must have a good and decent heart. Here's a video with just a few of her little fur babies:


  1. Years ago, before all the "nutritional" pet foods were made, 3% of all pet food was purchased for human consumption. That's the stats I read. And that stuff STUNK to high heaven. This pet food sounds like gourmet stuff!

  2. Like Carolyn, I volunteer in pet rescue & have a housefull of pets. Like Carolyn, I feed my pets Halo & Wellness foods. They're made with human-grade meats & no by-products. Because of this I took a taste of the cat food from both brands. They taste very similar to a cold stew with no salt.

    So when Carolyn took a bite of the Halo on the air, I didn't even bat an eye. I wouldn't feed my pets a canned food that I couldn't eat.

  3. Even if I really don't like/agree with a person, if they save animals, they are A-OK with me. It was just a selling tactic. I'm sure QVC yelled at her because they are buttheads.

  4. The B**** needs to start saving some people, maybe Vets.

  5. Carolyn drives me crazy! Won't watch when she is on. She never shuts up and gets right in people's faces. Interrupts constantly. Check out her nails when she does jewelry - looks like they have been through a shredder. Always saying " my good friend" and they look like they want to run. Go back to radio Carolyn!

  6. there are two hosts I will NOT watch.....Gracie and Treacy.....phony as a three dollar bill......
    I don't care what they are selling, I change the channel.
    Sorry, but they are not good hosts. The rest of QVC are great......time to lose these two.

  7. Yes, I get very impatient when the hosts interrupt the guests. I've noticed several hosts who seem to be the worst offenders: Lisa R.; Patti;Rick (yes, even Rick), Nancy and definitely Sandra and Sharon. Has politeness just gone by the wayside? Carolyn does interrupt some of the times, but she doesn't do it as often as the others. I would say Mary Beth, Gabrielle, Dan W. and David don't interrupt as much. I wish all of the hosts would remember the on-air guests are there to help explain the product and truly, the designers, inventors or manufacture associates representing a product are the real experts. Maybe it's time for a refresher course in "Politeness & Good Manners 101"!

  8. Carolyn Gracie makes me ill when she says
    she wears a size large. She needs to get into
    a lx. She also annoys me how she says, I have
    this,everything that she presents she has it.
    She's a real piece of work. They would be better with out her.

    1. She is a mess..never combs that hair, always looks like she is a scrub woman, sloppy, would not buy anything from her.

  9. To me, the most annoying host is Lisa Robertson. She can't stop looking at herself on the vanity monitor. Comes across as extremely vain.

    Also, if Carolyn Gracie (who I like) is a size 14 then I'm a size 2. Let's get real.

  10. It didn't take 5 minutes of Gracie's 1st show for me to decide I did not care for her. She has such a "know it all" way of speaking. I emailed her & told her she sounded snobbish, but she said she would not be changing so get used to it. When she comes on now, I can't change the channel fast enough. She does interrupt alot. I don't think the hosts are even listening to their guests. They're just thinking of what they can say next & when they think of it they just jump in with both feet. She is definitely radio material where she can just talk & talk & no one has to look @ her.

  11. I agree the hosts should let the product person be able to explain the product & keep their mouth shut. I would like to see more demonstrations on exactly how products work, especially the electronics. Some of us are not tech heads. I hate it when a host rambles on & on about non essential talk (waste of air space) get on about the essentials of the product & demonstrate how to use it as in hooking it up & etc.


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