Friday, January 2, 2009

Bowersox Departure Was Definitely Not Planned

Want proof that Bob's departure was sudden???

Take a close look at the above screen shot. (Here's the actual link, but it'll probably be taken down soon.)

Bob was scheduled to be on the cover of the 19th anniversary issue of the Insider--in April!

Here's the quote:

Hey Insiders! We're celebrating the 19th anniversary of your Insider Club! Bob Bowersox will be gracing the anniversary cover! And to share the fun, we want you to help us interview Bob for the cover of our big anniversary issue--April 2009! Go ahead and tell us up to 10 things you'd like to know about him and be sure to include your favorite recipe requests. Your top requested questions will be answered in an in depth article inside the issue!

Now, please use the boxes below, and tell us the ten questions (one per box) you would love to ask Bob.

I know I could think of a few good questions I'd like to submit! ;-)


  1. I did submit a few questions! You do not need to put in your email BTW.

    A vendor that posts on a QVC related message board confirmed that it was a sudden departure, but did not provide details.

  2. I knew it! I knew Bob wouldn't leave like that. Thanks Bea.

  3. Well?
    Why did he leave ... "suddenly"?

  4. I just filled out that form (it's Saturday, late morning, and it's still up) and sent it off to QVC. My first question was "Why did you leave so suddenly?" My second was "Were you fired or did you decide to quit?"

  5. Okay, curiouser and curiouser...if Bob wasn't planning on leaving and QVC had plans for him through April and they weren't planning on him leaving, why did he leave? I keep thinking he had to do something "untoward," got caught, and QVC had no choice but to let him go. I can't think of any reason why both parties would be caught by surprise, and I was in personnel for 17 years.

  6. Unless I wiretapped a conversation between Bob and Mike George (QVC Presdent,CEO, and King), I would have no way of definitively knowing why he left suddenly. And even then there are at least two sides to every story.

    There are many, many rumors floating around--dispute over pay and shifts, sexual harassment allegations, QVC trying to get rid of all the older and higher paid hosts ... on and on it goes.

    What is very clear, based on this link, is that it was not planned to happen when it did. That much I know. The rest is speculation.

  7. And it is so fun to speculate, isn't it? LOL

  8. Haha J, that's EXACTLY what i was thinking! I think Bob was bored & unhappy & he just snapped! That's my speculation!

  9. I'm certainly not opposed to speculation! :-)

    I just wanted to separate the pepper from the fly shit ... some things are rumor and others are proven. This particullar post is *not* speculation.

    I will hopefully have the Bob hostage video in a few days ... cross your fingers!!!

  10. Oh Queen Bea! My fingers are crossed! LOL

  11. I am anxious to take a gander at it too!

  12. Queen Bea said "I will hopefully have the Bob hostage video in a few days ... cross your fingers!!!"

    Ooooh! That's great! If we're speculating now, just imagine after we have a chance to see the video (those of us who didn't yet, that is).

    Still, as someone who has also worked with people for a career's worth of years, I think it had something to do with what Bob did or got caught doing, and QVC had no choice but to let him go, "unscheduled".

  13. Even though I liked Bob B and "in the kitchen"
    could it be that he showed up to work
    drunk/tipsy one too many times?
    Did you ever notice how red his nose was
    the last six months

  14. It's certainly now 100% clear that Bob's leaving was not planned. Had it been, the exit wouldn't have been handled like it was and there wouldn't have been plans to feature him on the April 2009 cover. Also had it been an amicable departure (for both Bob and QVC)there would have been some big on air party, not an extremely short video. That story about Bowersox not being there live because of a program at his daughter's school is nonsense. If there indeed was a time conflict that Sunday they could have scheduled the departure another day.

    As Queen Bea says, the reasons for his departure are pure speculation. Hopefully we'll one day know the truth.

  15. Why didnt Bob take Patti with him? who dumped who?Or could it be he wanted to get away from her?

  16. Any BobB sitings lately? Wonder where the "Renaissance Man" is hiding?

  17. I meant sightings. Where is my head today? Oh I see it, it's up my a**. LOL


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