Monday, December 22, 2008

QVC Made Brando an Offer He Can't Refuse

According to British Tabloid, The Sun, Marlon Brando tried to get a job as a host on QVC (I'm not sure if they are referring to the UK or American channel). I just want to say that again--Marlon Brando, the freakin' Godfather, wanted to work for the Q!

I guess he needed that money. He was down to his last £6,000 (about $8,400) when he agreed to appear disguised in a wig and women’s clothes. Apparently, he never went through with it though.

Brando in drag selling Diamonique? Huh???


More info coming out about this ...

According to the Guardian, another newspaper from across the pond, "in his declining years, Marlon Brando – the screen icon and master of the Method – was considering taking part-time work at QVC. According to a new book from an old aide of Brando's, one Alice Marchak, Brando's personal debts had led him to a dark place. "Marlon was serious about QVC," she writes in her book, available in all good retailers. "He had a meeting with a woman from the channel."


  1. OMG, I can't even read this without laughing. This has to be one of your best ever posts QB; it's so hard to take seriously! He had to be on some kind of pain meds or something. What a trip!

  2. I would have given up my entire BE makeup collection to have seen that < sigh > But that proves one thing: Brandon watched home shopping, at least QVC!

  3. Could y'all imagine Brando & Kathy Levine sellin' Diamonique?!?! LOL

  4. This can't be true.

  5. Isn't it convenient that Brandos personal assistant comes out with this when he is dead and can't defend himself?

  6. Maybe he was researching for a role?


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