Thursday, November 13, 2008

Runway to the Q

The guys at Project RunGay decided that Laura Bennett needed her gays for support to get through her QVC show the other night. They also managed to get some great behind-the-scenes pics while they were there. I just love getting a look backstage!

Here's Laura posing with hostess extraordinaire, Lisa Robertson. By the looks of the two of them, I'm guessing that piling on lots of long necklaces is the trend now. Am I right? I'll have to break out my Vogue to make sure. Not that I can pull off the look anyway. Every time I attempt it, I just manage to look like a chubby white girl Mr. T! Ugh!

Glammed-up Laura with Chloe Dao, another great Project Runway alum. As we all know, the path to QVC runs straight through Project Runway!

And, just in case you've never seen it, this is the Q's lobby. It's ... ummm ... red. Really red.

Be sure to check out the Project RunGay blog for all the dirt, y'all!


  1. :( Yet again another story to reinforce my dislike of Mighty Corporate and her love affair with quarterly reports. King George doesn't care one whit about improving CS; already a shadow of Mr Segal's Q I knew, and loved, years ago.

    I watched RD last night for a bit of the Gold Foil Bamboozle and straight off I was taken aback - he stopped mid-prattle and started calling out to the stagehands and camera operators by name. It was just tacky how blatantly he was slopping on the One Big Happy Family schtick. I honestly expected each 'underling' to run into the camera shot and everybody do a big group hug! Fortunately they didn't stoop to that. Yet.

    Best wishes to all who are now seeking new employment. Can you believe the timing? WTF??

    Dear Queen, you should pass along your email via Live Chat. I'd love to see a few comments from the Real People of Q. >;) evil grin

  2. Hey Sage! I agree, pretty soon they're going to be holding the big on-air QVC Family Jamboree cause they all just looooooove each other!

    I can't wait to hear from The Real People of Q either, but I don't want to get anyone in trouble. Hopefully they will find me.

    And if they aren't comfortable emailing me, they can always post here anonymously.

    I'm pretty sure that CS is going to take a nose-dive into the crapper now. The old people won't care anymore and the new ones won't know anything.


  3. Good Lord!

    My comment is on the wrong post! :?/

    Thanks for catchin' my drift ;)


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