Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nags, Harpies, and Shrews Unite!

Hats off to nagging wives everywhere!!! And, let me tell you, Queen Bea knows a thing or two about both nagging and complaining. Done correctly, it's an art form to be admired.

Apparently, some husbands channel their wives incessant complaining into something really inventive and productive (No, managing to channel surf and guzzle beer at the same time while successfully avoiding taking out the trash do NOT count!)

This is how Bill Clinton got to be President ... Hillary was constantly nagging him!

There will be a new product so great you’ll split your pants … or, rather, your sheets! This is what happens when a frustrated husband likes nice, cool cotton sheets, but his always-cold wife likes the fuzzy, warm flannel kind. David Haggerty took matters into his own hands by cutting the sheets down the middle and sewing a cotton sheet to a flannel sheet.

Hmmm ... Simply a sheet or a marriage counselor? Right now Dave is managing a couple hundred Teamsters at the SuperValu grocery warehouse while he packs up orders at night, but he’s getting his big shot on QVC October 30th. I just love stories like these. It’s not just the best of home shopping, it’s the best of America. Go Dave!

Very interesting story about a mechanical engineer that came up with a material that is not only collapsible, but it can handle heat up to 500 degrees, but doesn't "release toxicity, change color or shrink when they hit high temperatures" Foods tend not to stick to the new material and it won't blow up if you put a hot bakeware straight to the freezer. It's even dishwasher safe. You might wonder why did he take the time to create this amazing bakeware? Well, he was tired of hearing his wife complain about the "inconvenience of ceramic containers."

Fung is holding a contest on the Foldtuk Web site to find the most creative video about how people use their collapsible containers. The top prize winner will receive $500 and the second prize winner will receive $250. Both the first and second place winners will also get full sets of FoldTuk containers. The contest will run until the end of the year.

Better to live on the roof than share the house with a nagging wife. (GNB: Prov 21.9)

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