Monday, October 6, 2008

How They Getcha!

This is a post from funny "The Secret Life of Ducks" blog, which I had to share.

This is how we oh-so-willingly fall into the glittery trap of home shopping. Trust me, it can happen to anyone ... even husbands!
The Home Shopping Phenomenon

Last night was a rough night for JP. While getting him comfy and settled into a somewhat sleep we were all watching TV. it was Saturday night and there was nothing on. I eventually turned on QVC, a home shopping channel.

They were doing a show on misc items for problem solving. I turned it initially on because it had a GPS thing for the car on. My mom had told me earlier in the day that she had ordered that for a Christmas gift for us and my SIL with no sense of direction.

I left it on as just something to listen to and all of a sudden Joe says from his side of the bed:

"You're not becoming one of THOSE people are you?"

Meaning a home shopping channel junkie, lol. The joke was on him a few minutes later.

A new product had come on for gently whitening teeth at home in a simple manner. Neither of us like the color of our teeth and want to whiten them. But we don't want to bleach them either. This product came with 2 tubes of paste and 2 toothbrushes. The price was reasonable and they even offered an auto ship. All of a sudden from Joe's side of the bed I quietly hear:

"I wouldn't mind getting that"

I started laughing and told him he was becoming one of THEM, lol. We're going to order it though as the system looks decent and is a decent price.

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