Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who Needs CNN When You've Got QVC!

QVC is getting political--selling Obama and McCain shirts, caps, and buttons--and some customers don't feel that it's appropriate.

My initial reaction was "Who cares?" I mean, if they are selling merchandise from both major parties then you can't say that they are taking sides, right? Unless you support one of the third-party candidates, it seems fair enough on the surface.

Then I got to thinking it was a bit of a slippery slope. Selling political memorabilia from elections past is far different than selling merchandise in the heat of an election, especially considering we have such a sharply divided electorate (just take a gander at some of the explosive arguments on the message boards!)

Another sticking point? The sales pitch itself. Anything beyond discussing the style and quality of the item will quickly venture into dangerous territory. Even the camera shots have to be carefully monitored--can't have twice as much air time for candidate A's shirt than candidate B's shirt. Equal time, you know.

I watched some of the presentation video on the Q's website and both the host, Dan Hughes, and vendor seemed stiff and uncomfortable. They had to begin the segment with an explanation that they aren't being political and that they ordered the same number for both … yadda yadda yadda. Dan worried about having both shirts in the shot at all times and which hand he held them in, generally just walking on brittle egg shells the entire time. They were even afraid to say anything about the current administration. It all basically boiled down to a get-out-the-vote spiel

Then they took calls!!!

I think these callers were threatened to within an inch of their lives not to say anything that could possibly be construed as divisive. How uncomfortable to watch.

I checked HSN and ShopNBC and didn't see any Obama or McCain merchandise. I hope it stays that way until after the election. I have my own rather strong political views this election, but I do realize that there is a time and a place for these things and, trust me, QVC ain't the place!

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  1. I also read on the boards that none of the money is going to the campaigns.

    I for one will be buying my OBAMA shirts from Obmama!!! :-)

    --Obama/Biden -08


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