Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mary-Anne is Just Plain Dumb advises buying HSN stock at or under $12 because of a fictional lady named Mary-Anne. Here's what they had to say about Miss Mary-Anne:

Her name is Mary-Ann and she is an addict.

Her addiction? The Home Shopping Network (HSNi) owned and operated by HSN, Inc.

Mary-Ann (actually NOT her real name) tells me that she can’t help it… the convincing chatter by charming hosts, the phoned-in testimonials, the seemingly reasonable prices, the “limited number available” push, and the countdown clock – it just wins her over every time.

Is it just me or does this sound condescending? Basically the writer is advising investors to buy this stock not because HSN has improved (which it has), but because its customer base is just plain dumb.

Maybe--just maybe--HSN was forced to get better products, brands, spokespeople, and advertising campaigns because their customers demanded it. And--just maybe--HSN's new direction and responsiveness to their customers would be a better reason to recommend the stock.

Just a thought.

But I've purchased from HSN, so what do I know?

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