Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Grab Your Pitchfork! Rosie on HSN!


I tried to defend Rosie here, and boy did I hear about it! I thought that what I had to say was rather even-handed. Apparently, I was mistaken.

I still stand by my words.

There are evil people in the world--people who ruthlessly prey on the weakest and most innocent among us--worthy of spite, anger, tar, feathers, and pitchforks, but Rosie simply isn't one of them.

She isn't evil.

She's an opinionated loudmouth comedian/talk show host.

Agree with her politics or not ... think she's funny or not ... think she should just shut the hell up or keep talking ... she's not the enemy.

All of the proceeds--all of them--from her Crafty U book are being donated to her children's charity, For All Kids. She chose to create her own charity organization instead of donating to another so that she could personally cover the administrative costs of running the organization so that anyone who donated would know that all their money was being used to help and not just to raise more money.

That isn't evil.

I'm not saying you should like her or watch her or even donate to her causes, but there are worse people in the world to use energy and resources fighting against.

I watched her on HSN (see the videos below) and didn't see or hear anything terrible. But don't take my word for it. Watch and judge for yourself ... or don't.

Rosie selling her book:

Rosie selling her DVD:

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