Monday, August 25, 2008

Syanara Signity & Ciao Charles Winston

Are Michael Valitutti and Charles Winston taking their fake diamonds and going home???

I haven't heard that Signity is leaving ShopNBC, but there are only 60 items left in stock on the website, no items for auction, and no shows scheduled.

Also, taking a look at Michael's website,, there hasn't been a new show listed since May. What's going on, people? Have TPTB decided to drop Michael?

And then there's poor Charles Winston with only a handful of pieces left. On his website,, he still lists ShopNBC as an outlet for his jewelry, but there are no upcoming appearances listed.

Does ShopNBC want to consolidate all the CZ lines into the Brilliante Collection (which has many upcoming shows scheduled)? In lieu of their ongoing financial troubles, are they wanting a flagship brand like the Q's Diamonique and HSN's Absolute?

Quen Bea loves Signity ... I hope they aren't dropping it!


  1. I also love Signity and Modern Metals. What is going on?
    The stones are very clear. It looks
    better than a real diamond .

  2. I love Signity and Modern Metals.
    Has Michael moved to another shopping
    channel? His jewelry is very modern.

  3. I emailed Michael's company and found out that they are going to be back at the beginning of the year under a new name.

    I hope that everything else stays the same!!!

  4. I find the Brilliante collection to be lacking the quality and elegance of Signity.

  5. I love the modern metals and the beauty
    of the signity stones. They look better
    than a diamond.


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