Thursday, August 7, 2008

Keeping It All in the Family

There have been lots of Internet buzz about IAC, which owns HSN, separating into five different companies. I have avoided all these aritles because--quite honestly--the stock market makes my eyes glaze over (which is probably why I'm not rich ... oh well).

So why do I care about any of this?

Turns out that one of the biggest investors in IAC is Liberty Media. Guess what Liberty Media owns??? That's right, QVC!

Here's what this article had to say about the IAC split:

That leaves HSN. I don't know if regulators would let Liberty Media's (NYSE: LBTYA) QVC hook up with HSN, but there's a reason why Liberty has been a longtime investor in IAC, and it has nothing to do with scoring Madonna tickets through Ticketmaster or angling for a red week of Interval timeshare travel in Maui.

So what sort of Dr. Evil world domination is QVC up to exactly?!?!?! And is HSN their new Mini Me?

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