Monday, August 25, 2008

Jennifer Flavin is 40! Seriously!

Serious Skin Care diva, Jennifer Flavin Stallone rocks the bikini while on vacation with her husband, Sylvester Stallone, on the Spanish island of Ibiza on Aug. 4, 2008.

She sure makes 40 look good! But I seriously doubt she sells anything that'll make me look like that in a bikini. I'm gonna need a hell of a lot more than some Correc-Chin and InstA-tox to lift my derriere!

According to ABC news, "Supermodel Kate Moss was also spotted on the island (she owns a home there) sharing a smoke with the "Rocky" star."


  1. Hi Queen! I would like your opinion on Serious Skin Care's Correc-chin...I loved your humorous comment about it, now I'd like to know if you have used it. Sometimes I want a product to work so much, I may talk myself into seeing results. I have to say I have sent back some products from this line, but I really like the Correc-chin. What do you think?

  2. I personally can't stand Jennifer Flavin! She
    presents the products poorly using words that
    don't even exist. She is so phony and she
    herself looks awful and has aged horribly in
    my opinion. She has lines and creases on her
    face with all that makeup used for TV. Her face
    is so long and drawn with that huge nose and
    pointy chin. And again, she trys so hard to
    seem to know what she is talking about, it's
    a joke. As for her body, her boob job is so
    bad and she's a stick with no real figure.

    Her business just closed down, to prove my point that she isn't very bright and always
    comes off nervous and dumb!!! She's through
    in the's just a matter of time
    that SSC will close as well. She's done!!

  3. Flavin is a phony bitch who was interested in
    money. Her business was a sham just like her
    whole life is a lie. Her entire life!

  4. Jennifer Flavin is awful looking and seems to
    be uneducated. I don't know how anyone would
    believe a word she is saying. She trys way
    too hard in her presentation. I'm not at all
    surprised that her business closed so quickly.
    In my opinion, HSN should drop her and stick
    with the other skin lines. Her products don't
    work either.

  5. I noticed their sales dropped majorly over the past year or two. She would present the over 40 c kit and boom with in minutes 30 some thousand sold no it's more like 2 or 3 thousand sold in a few days. Horrible. That five times concentrate is the best and so are their cleansers and exfoliation treatments. She over does it but she does know what shes talking about. the kits are priced fairly, they are quality but getting pricey individually. I hope they refine their products and get real and be who they used to be. But maybe they don't care anymore and it kinda shows, Over hyped up too. I got s few half empty rancid products before. The super Mel c block buster kit was only half way full if that and smelled rancid. It went bad. It was like taking 70 bucks and throwing it in the garbage. She uses fillers for sure.


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