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Jay King: Mine Find or Fake Find

Jay King will be appearing on HSN on Monday during their 24 Hour Silver Celebration and it looks like he even has the TS. I hope that they give him the opportunity to explain exactly what his highly controversial "stabilized block turquoise" really is.

Here are the definitions I found:

Stabilized or treated turquoise is treated with a plastic resin. Most nugget and some heishi products are made from real turquoise that has been stabilized. Stabilization allows genuine but lower-grade turquoise to be used in jewelry. Even when a stone has been stabilized, its color can be changed over time by pollution, soap, skin lotion and oil.

Block turquoise: A mixture of plastic resin and dyes that is produced in loaf-size blocks. This turquoise contains no actual rock of any sort. Block is used heavily for inlay, heishi and beads. It is sometimes mistakenly called "reconstituted."

So basically it has to be either stabilized or block, but it can NOT be both.

I hope this was simply an innocent error on the part of a product description writer and not an underhanded attempt to rip-off customers.

Please, please, please--for the sake of your reputation--address this issue!!!

Here's what Paul Deasy had to say about the controversy:

I must preface this by saying that I have not spoken to Jay King since I left HSN, and I am not familiar with what HSN is selling on the air as block turquoise. I find Jay to be a very reputable guy and I like him very much. That being said, the industry definition of "block turquoise" is not natural, but simulated turquoise using plastic or other materials that are not turquoise. If this in fact is what HSN is selling, they are obligated to disclose this information. I notice on their website that they describe the pieces as "stablized" block turquoise. Once again, I can't speak for them but stablized and block turquoise usually refer to two different things. Paul


  1. I got an email from Leslie regarding this issue that she agreed to let me share:

    I contacted Jay's Company Desert Rose Direct and asked the nice lady who answered the phone if they carried any Nako turquoise. She said no, they send all of that over to China. I then explained the problem I was having getting a straight answer from HSN about the term "block" used in the description. She explained that instead of stabilizing lots of small individual pieces of turquoise they put a lot of turquoise together when they stabilize it and it comes out like one big block like a turquoise casserole. The turquoise is not ground down or degraded in any way and remains just they way they got it only many pieces are used to create the block they end up with. I reiterated the industry definitions for "block" and she explained that there really is no official industry term for what they are doing to the rough. They are creating a block of turquoise but it is not ground into powder and reconstituted nor is it synthetic. They seem to take advantage of the resins and polymers as well as the heat and pressure that is used as part of the normal stabilization process and take the whole thing one step further. All of Jay's "block" turquoise is genuine turquoise only it seems to be a turquoise collage.

    Thank you, Leslie!

    So what do you think? Turquoise casserole??? Yummy!

  2. The process which DRT uses is actually a trade secret but not the same as other companies tend to use to "stablize"

  3. I would be as concerned about other nonsense that is spewed on his programs. His defense of "rainbow calsilica" as a genuine stone was a bit laughable. Most people in the industry consider it manmade. I think HSN really needs to investigate what that man is saying. I have no problem with treating gemstones- most on the market are- I have a problem with dishonesty as it makes everyone in the industry look crooked. If his turquoise is some sort of "turquoise casserole" then he should not be calling it 100% natural on the television.

  4. I agree with all you have said about Jay King's jewelry. His turquoise quality is poor! And he talks about Hubei as if it were on par with Sleeping Beauty, Kingman, or any of the top quality turquoise found here in the US....just look at his pieces, lots of the stones look like they are just tar, no blue at all...reconstituted, stabilized, crap. I also HATE his cheap-looking made in China & Thailand designs...they ALL look bizarre to me, and his endless use of jasper and calling it "gemstones" is ridiculous. As someone whose family are long-time Indian silversmiths, I KNOW quality when I see it. His isn't it...many of his pieces remind me of when as kids someone picks up gravel and thinks it looks good. Endless browns and greys, it sucks!

  5. So, if I have some DTR turquoise rings & braclet, that are 6 to 10 years old, they could be faux stones. or is this process something more recent. or has this been the way thay have done buisness all along?

  6. Why has Jay King never paid Gemco Mining of Honduras for all the black matrix opal he sold on HSN. Is Jays partner Terry Snyder still in a Florida State Prison? Jay why did you never pay? You made money. This was Jay's 11Th anniversary sale for Honduras Black Matrix Opal. You know what they call boys like you Jay?

  7. I think all u people are wrong I have bought many pieces and they are lovely.They are artistic and thousands of people have bought his jewelry they all cant be wrong.Thank you Jay from bringing your beautiful jewelry to us.

  8. This is all interesting reading after hearing from my mother about her percieved view of how, where, and the upmost honesty from Jay King and his jewelry. I came home and reviewed her purchaces and the truth is that her stones and where her items were made were in China! Please people-check it out before you buy anything on home shopping. Too Slick! She was manipulated into thinking he had the honesty of god.

  9. Look in ebay for his items, and then look for other similar items, half price, more silver, better designs... you are paying a trademark not the silver or gemstones. I do not think it can be called jewelry to stringing lots of beads on a string, adding a silver clasp and done.

  10. i bought a pendant and the bail was not silver
    both strands were the same lengh and did not lay properly

  11. I too purchased several pieces of Jay King's "natural" stone jewelry. I took a few pieces to a local jeweler for minor size adjustments and was informed the jewelry pieces were marked made in China and that blue stones were sodalite misrepresented as something else. I have destinctly heard Jay during many presentations brag that his pieces are natural and designed and made by his organization. What he didn't mention is it appears his organization is located in China.


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