Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Today's Blue Plate Specials ... There's Gold in Them There Hills!

It's gold-is-really-freakin'-expensive-but-we-still-have-to-have Gold Rush Day! The already-gone TSV is Bold Triple Panther Link Bracelet 14K Gold, 10.1g (FYI ... that link will take you to a garden hose!!! That's the way it was on my TSV email, so that's the way I left it!).

I'm guessing they aren't ording huge quantities of anything gold these days, so there might be more sell-outs then usual for gold items. If the braeclet is $468.00 (not including S&H and tax), that comes out to $46.34/gram ... ouch! I'm soooo glad the Q prominantly displayed the gram weight. I wish they did this on everything! I just want to know what I'm paying for. It's not like I can reach through the TV to fell how heavy it is!

HSN has a Fiberbed with Removable Quilted Top as the TS. I don't have much to say about this other then, based on my experience as a mother, the removable top for washing seems to be a really good idea ... the real star of the day is SALE. It's clearance day so be sure to check it out. It'll probably be the last time you see certain collections on air *cough*lukastyle*cough*.

Oh! And make sure you sign up to win the HSN Sweepstakes! That $10,000 custom-made Jean Dousset ring belongs on my greedy little finger!

ShopNBC has the "The Elegance of Gisele" Table Lamp as their OTV. It looks pretty, but by the look on that Gisele lady's face, I think she's totally over holding up that damn lamp!

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  1. Love the bracelet... not crazy about the deco lamps. Back in the day (5 years ago, to be exact) I bought a 7", 17-gram stampato bracelet on QVC for $349. I was too cheap to shell out the $499 for the 25-gram matching necklace. Kicking myself now.


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