Thursday, June 26, 2008

Today's Blue Plate Specials ... Hot Leather!

ShopNBC has more summer leather with the Pamela McCoy Zip Front Reptile-Print Leather Jacket. I still don't understand why they keep doing all this leather when we're closing in on the Fourth of July. In fact, Pamela McCoy just had a leather OTV not that long ago! However, this jacket is totally smokin' hawt! In the good way! Queen Bea is drooling ...

HSN's TS is a Gem Essence Interchangeable Gemstone 30" Pendant Watch. My aunt gave me a watch necklace when I was a kid (I think she probably got it from Avon) and I loved it. Like a middle-aged man with his new Rolex, I thought I was so cool and was always looking for an excuse to tell people what time it was.

Anyway, this particular necklace watch seems to be good in theory, but I worry that the chain will break, or the stones will fall out or crack, or the watch will just completely poop out. I don't know. At least it doesn't have anything to do with cleavage.

QVC has a comfy Carole Hochman Capri Pajama Set with Robe as their TSV today. At first, I wasn't particularly impressed. I mean it looked fine, but nothing to write home about. But then I saw the built in bra in the top and it won me over! You can relax and be comfortable without being obscene if someone comes to the door or the air conditioner makes the room a tad to chilly. The girls just need a little extra support while they're lounging!

And don't forget that Barbara Bixby is on today at 6 (Queen Bea does the happy dance!). The only sneak previews I have are here.

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