Friday, June 6, 2008

New High-Falutin Judith Ripka

Judith Ripka's new Basket Weave Collection for 2008 ... so how long do you think before we get the QVC version???

I love her QVC collection and, unlike alot of fans, I don't mind the Diamonique (Queen Bea has a dark, forbidden love for faux diamonds). I wish she'd do more of the lab created stones though. I do, however, have to beefs (what else is new ...): 1) Too many hearts! I can't stand hearts on jewelry because it seems so juvenile, and 2) Inconsistency of silver color. Sometimes you get a nice platinum patina (a la rhodium plating, I'm sure) and sometimes you get bright, shiny silver, and sometimes you get a really dull, grey dud. What is up with that, Judith? Figure out which factory is doing it right and stick with them!!!

Judith is going to have the TSV on 6/27/08 ... trying to find out what it will be.

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  1. I think that she's going to want to keep this particular style just for her high-end customers. IT's pretty though. --Amie


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