Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cartier Taste on a CZ Budget

Let me tell you, Suzanne might sell fake diamond rings on HSN for $24.90, but she hangs out with the Cartier crowd! Her Royal Highness of HSN was reported by the Wall Street Journal to be at a super swanky shindig last month thrown for the wealthy ladies-who-lunch crowd.

Apparently, after slapping the Cartier name on everything from lighters to Baskin-Robbins ice cream, the Cartier brand has been oh ... what's a nice way to put this ... Wal-Marted down a peg or two. Without the old panache of the Cartier brand to fall back on, they are having to work it a little harder to get the rich folks like Suzanne to open their wallets.

At the soiree, the ladies passed around little baubles--stuff like a 51-carat, yellow diamond ring!--like Queen Bea tosses around nesting bowls at a Tupperware party.

During a presentation of famous Cartier clients, “The famously blond-bobbed Ms. Somers jabbed her neighbor to point out photos of Cartier patrons and influences whose clothes intrigued her: a snazzy bejeweled dress, a pair of sparkly cowboy boots.”

Sparkly cowboy boots??? Gotta love Suzanne!


  1. No wonder all her stuff is so gaudy!

  2. Those boots are awesome! Gimme those and a pair of Dorothy-Ruby-Red-Slippers and I'd be in heaven.


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