Friday, June 20, 2008

Blue Plate Special Daily Round Up ... It's EVIL PAY DAY!!!

Woot! Woot! I loooooooooooooove 5 Evil Pay Day! I know that it's not really a sale, but it feels like a sale. What can I say, I'm a sucker. I have no idea what I'm going to get. Ugh! I always do this. I always crack under the pressure. I just know that they are going to present something tomorrow and I'm just going to kick myself for not thinking to get it today. Pressure ... pressure ... I'm like a Cook's Essentials pressure cooker!

The official QVC TSV is a 3-piece Supersmile kit ... but who cares? I mean really, it's evil pay day, chickadess! However, along with the Supersmile, there's a page full of other auto-delivery (AD) items that you can order and lock in the 5 evil pays--Dr. Denese, BE, Philosophy, Ojon. So if you need to stock up, now's the time.

Queen Bea needs to sit down and elevate her feet and try to get some air.

HSN has this hideous excuse for a Technibond ring as their TS. I like Techinbond, I really do. Gold is like $1000 per troy ounce or something ridiculously high like that, so buying solid gold jewelry is an investment (like the ShopNBC OTV today).

I like Technibond best when it's just big, bold gold, like omegas and cuffs. I do not like ugly, drill-bit diamond, and nasty gemstones that belong in the bottom of a fish tank--not to mention the overall hideousness of the design. Yuck. Sorry, but this is bad.

BTW, did you read what Paul Deasy had to say about Technibond now that he's no longer under HSN's thumb? Check it out here.

ShopNBC has this beautiful and very expensive ruby necklace. This is niiiiiiiiiiiiiice, but not gonna happen ... I just can't justify $1500 for a necklace. but don't those rubies just look juicy?

Don't forget free shipping on the All Stars products!

BTW, they are now offering a big selection of fragrances ... even Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely. She's just not loyal to HSN at all. What was I thinking? She won't even show up to sell her own products


  1. UR right, that ring is ugly!

  2. Not partial to Technibond, myself. I'd rather save up and get something that'll last and can be resized--you never know when that extra 20#s is going to come off!

  3. Rubies always look better in photos. I buy my jewelry at They've got good prices for the quality.

  4. I really love that necklace!


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