Thursday, July 1, 2010

Liza Bedazzles and Befuddles on HSN

Not that I don't love Liza with a Z, but after watching last night's rather disjointed performance on HSN, I do believe Liza might be sharing a locker with Paula Abdul in the greenroom.

I'll give her this though, at least Liza refused to tow the home shopping party line by insisting that we all stack 27 bangle bracelets on each arm. Seriously Bobbi, sometimes one really is more than enough!


  1. It was odd, but, she's still a joy to watch, and, thank goodness she didn't fall into that silly HSN line of buy more than one and wear it, no matter the item, and look like a bag woman. And, Lord knows Bobbie Faye needs to wear one bracelet, way too thin for more than one, when she has on bangles I always think she's going to tip over!

  2. CupCaked, at sea in sequinsJuly 2, 2010 at 5:31 PM

    Liza really did give poor Bobbie Ray a run for her money. She had to work for her salary last night.

    P.S. - I bought the Liza boyfriend sequined jacket just in time for my cruise in two weeks

  3. this is my take on the's not like Liza has a lot of busy work to concern herself other words,,,laundry,,chasing after children,,taking out the would think she could at least sit up and pretend to be somewhat alert..

  4. Having a bit of inside knowledge, I do not believe Liza was drinking at all. From what I heard on the inside, she was in extreme pain and had difficulty walking without assistance. Not sure what the ailment is/was, but if anything, it may have been pain meds, which would have been unavoidable. I did see what everyone else saw...and it certainly appeared that way...but upon some conversations, it is now my belief that she POSSIBLY was medicated. She had a terrific show and I wish her continued success.

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  6. I can't stand Liz Minelli, but that clip was pretty darn entertaining. Thanks for posting this, keep the good stuff coming.


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