Thursday, June 17, 2010

Will Charla Rines be Hosting on EmVee TV?

Charla back in the day.

Oh, my darling Charla, how I have missed you!

In a world full of robotic, cookie-cutter hosts, she's a one-of-a-kind. And while I do realize that Charla might not be everyone's cuppa, I adore her off-the-wall antics coupled with that trademark gravely voice. I'll stop gushing, but if you'd like to read why I think she's "da bomb," click here.

Anyway, I had heard through the grapevine that Charla might be showing up at the new boutique shopping network, EmVee TV. All the cool kids from ShopNBC seem to be headed in that direction--the Ramsey's are already there and so is Pearlfection.

I wasn't sure if there was any truth to the rumor that Charla would finally be back on my TV set, but then she posted this on her Facebook:
well, i'm close to putting my mug back on air at a small start-up. if i can make this happen you ladies will have your luxury product back big time. all prayers welcome!!!

Here's hoping Charla! I can't wait to see you again.


  1. CupCaked, remembering ...June 17, 2010 at 12:53 PM

    Oh, my goodness, I just had a flashback ... (or was that a hot flash?) I remember Charla from 'way back when she was selling on CVN before it became QVC. Some of the hosts were brought along in the big to-do/ merger but no Charla, no Colleen Lopez, and a few other favorites were also left behind. We now know that Colleen finally caught up to all of us on HSN (one of her first shows back on air was selling a Christmas dwarf that lit up and spun around!) and Charla became firmly ensconced at ShopNBC. I hadn't seen her for a while on air ('didn't get ShopNBC on my cable lineup) but when I finally did, I couldn't tell if she was on drugs, drunk or maybe a little bit of both. 'Turns out she was just doing things her way now. Good for her! I wish her a bundle of luck :-)

  2. Never heard of this channel, but, if she gets a gig, they will be lucky to have her, she's kind of kooky, but, the one thing she has more than just about any of the others is that she was always HONEST about the stuff she was peddling.

  3. I agree -- Charla let you know the quality of the goods she was selling -- HONEST to the core. ShopNBC didn't deserve her and I'm so glad she's found another home. It will be refreshing to see her sell something other than the watches on ShopNBC -- all watches all the time! Ugh!

  4. I was so glad to see that Charla may be a host again. She is an excellent salesperson and can also really jazz up the presentation by some of her antics! Just good old fashioned fun, at the same time being very informative about the products! I've missed her!

  5. That channel had the Ramseys on a few weeks ago, their stuff seemed to be over priced and did not look to be selling anything. Low budget operation.

  6. It is very informaive product and realy nice. She is an excellent salesperson and can also really jazz up the presentation by some of her antics!


  7. Hello all shopping beauties! Well word has it, Charla and Emvee TV have both bit the dust? Does anyone know what happened? I dying to know!!! Please someone come forward with the scoop!

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  9. Where is my Charla? I miss her!

  10. I have watched all of the channels for decades and the only host worth watching ALL of the time was Charla Rhines. She was always interesting, entertaining and she knew her stuff. Yes, *HONEST* to the core. I learned a lot listening to her and the tidbits of information that she shared. She wasn't just a pretty robot with an irritating voice and sappy stories, which describes the majority of hosts on now. (Except for Shawn on QVC who is just VERY annoying and I think trying to copy Charla's humorous spontaneity).

  11. I think you hit the nail on the head saying that Shawn is copying Charla. There's no way she could even come close as far as entertainment or skill in selling, though. Charla is one of a kind. I learned so much watching her. She was selling something offered in both yellow and white gold, set with diamonds. She mentioned that MANY times a vendor will put higher quality/whiter diamonds in the white gold version. You would NEVER hear that kind of honesty on QVC or HSN. Charla is the best and I wish they would bring her back. I really can't stand the sound of Connie Kunkle's voice, it's amazing to me that this woman was actually a professional singer and was hawking a Christmas CD on the channel. Unbelievable. Or Kendy bragging constantly about how much money she spends. Ok. We get it already lady, you're loaded.

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