Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sonia Bitton Back at ShopNBC

Charla and her favorite face ring ... I miss my Charla!

Sonia Bitton and her high-end line Galerie de Bijoux jewelry sadly split with ShopNBC several months ago--probably because her average price point was too high. Since then she's been selling her jewelry on QVC UK and the Australian home shopping channel, TVSN. She's also launched the online site,

But good news, y'all! Sonia will be back on ShopNBC with her CZ line at the end of June and her diamond line in August.

All the people rejoice!


  1. Good news about Sonia. I hope she brings us some "honkers," in Suzanne Somers' parlance. But that ring... rather creepy!

  2. Please bring Charla back, too.

  3. This is great news! I stopped shopping with ShopNBC after Sonia left. I will return if Sonia returns. I've been checking the internet for updates as to where she would land. WooHoo!

  4. I, too miss Charla and Sonia's REAL diamonds


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