Friday, May 14, 2010

Quick Note from Queen Bea

Yes, I know the posting has been a little light lately. No, it's not because I recently posted about my grandmother (we all know what happened last time I did that!)

Actually, the homeschooling year is coming to a close and I've been a little bogged down in my teacher duties lately. The good news is that since the semester is almost over, I will have some extra time to focus on the blog.

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  1. I wana get every single update from your side. I am going to follow you on twitter.

  2. Did anybody see the Pam McCoy show last night at 5pm est? It was the first time she's been on in a long time, and the last time she is set to appear until July when she claims she will have an all new fall line. But I have my doubts because I think shopnbc has been jerking things around. She was supposed to appear several times from April 30th through May, and that changed.

    Anyway, I ordered her butterfly jacket, it looks beautiful. But I am more interested in her knits and handbags at this point, which she had none of.

  3. Cathy -- I would agree about ShopNBC jerking things around. Their merchandise is terrible these days. Jmho -- the network is runing out of money -- they used to purchase Pam's designs from her and they were responsible for their manufacture. I'll be surprised if Shop lets Pam put out an entire line.

  4. Any and all posting is most welcome, Queen Bea.

    What I wonder right now: why hasn't Suzanne Somers been on ShopNBC lately? She was supposed to have monthly shows. Also, her name does not appear on the drop-down menu of shows on their web site. And her items are on clearance....

  5. I don't think they'll let Pam put out an entire line either. I'm open to new things, but unless you have a serious watch fetish, that station has changed for the worse. Maybe Pam will end up on HSN in next year. You never know.

    Yeah, I was wondering about Suzzane myself. Looks like that didn't work out.

  6. Thanks for the update on bob bowersox good to hear he is doing well.

  7. when suzanne was on i felt something was off during her shows it did not have that spark she had over at hsn.

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