Tuesday, May 25, 2010

HSN is a Cabaret with Liza Minnelli

Mercedes-Benz And Maybach Present Sex And The City 2 Premiere

Liza at the Sex and the City 2 premiere wearing ... ummm ... well, I'm not exactly sure what that is. Hopefully it's not something from the new HSN collection! And, in all seriousness, what's going on with her boobs? They look like Barbie boobs!

Get your Fosse hands ready, y'all! Liza Minnelli will be debuting The Liza Collection on HSN June 30 and her appearance marks the kick off the big HSN goes to Sin City 33rd Birthday Celebration.
"My life has provided me the ability to amass a wonderful wardrobe designed by fashion's brightest stars," said Liza Minnelli. "I am excited to work with HSN in launching The Liza Collection and to have the opportunity to share my favorite looks with millions of women who want to look fabulous and feel their very best."
The collection will include many of Liza's signature looks--you know, the sequined suits and flowy pants. She will also be selling recreations of her personal jewelry collection.
The Liza Collection will debut at 10 p.m.–midnight EDT on June 30 at HSN and hsn.com. Retail prices for apparel will range from $29.90 for a Charmeuse Scarf to $129.90 for a Sequined Boyfriend Blazer and for jewelry from $39.95 for Silver-tone Triple Heart Pave Drop Earrings to $79.95 for a Silver-tone Pave Rose Bangle.
Liza is one of the few entertainers that has won an Oscar, a Tony, an Emmy, and a Grammy--where else does she have left to go but home shopping?


  1. They all end up on the shopping networks sooner or later. "The Liza With A ZZZZ" collection. ROFL

  2. I cannot wait! I remember Liza on QVC (with Kathy Levine as host) selling an album. After the show Kathy remarked that Liza was the nicest celebrity she had ever worked with. Kathy said how wonderful she was with everyone at QVC. Always nice to know. Well, I will be watching!

  3. Gosh, Liza must need the money! She's done that Snickers commercial too, with Aretha Franklin.

  4. CupCaked, excited!May 31, 2010 at 1:38 PM

    I have grown to love love love Liza over the years. I'll be there, watching, when she comes to HSN.

  5. I was watching her last night. She was a MESS....she could't put a sentence together. I also saw her in concert a few weeks ago. Her voice was wonderful but you can tell she was definetly not feeling well from her knee replacement.

  6. She was an enbarrassment


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