Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shop Jacktv Drags Home Shopping Out of the Closet

You got your gay in my home shopping! You got your home shopping in my gay!

Gay men have long toiled away on home shopping channels to make us ladies stylish and beautiful, but they have sorely been ignored as potential customers in their own right.

But no longer!

Canada's gay cable channel, OUTtv is rolling out a new gay shopping and lifestyle show called Shop JACKtv. (The website isn't porn or anything, but probably NSFW due to all the half-naked men!)

Jack will take "style-challenged gay men and give them a fashion makeover." Translation: they will take hot guys who will pretend not to have a clue how to dress themselves and then make them strut around shirtless in order to sell some low-rise jeans.

According to
Viewers are privy to a wide selection of products, ranging from clothing to underwear to accessories and gifts, but the sales pitch is woven into an amusing plot following the sexy host (Jack, duh) and his pals. Gorgeous Jack provides counsel for his gaggle of gay friends on a broad array of topics such as health and dating, right down to the sexy pair of Rufskin brand jeans he knows will showcase viewers' best "assets" the next time they go out. The genius part: If you covet the same hot jeans (or whatever), you can simply call up or click online and voilĂ ! A purchase is on its way to you.
The show will premier Saturday, April 24th at 7:30 p.m. Eastern.

I don't even get ShopNBC these days, so I know that I don't get this channel. however, there is a little sneak peek online.

Two great tastes that taste great together!



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