Monday, April 5, 2010

Send Queen Bea Your Judy Crowell Questions!

Doesn't it look like Judy Crowell is standing in a padded room in this video? Too funny.

Anyway, I have exciting news, chickadees!

Have you been loyally following Judy throughout the years from QVC to HSN and now to ShopNBC? Do you have burning questions that you are just dying to ask her?

I will be chatting with Judy later this week and I want to ask her all your questions. Yes, this means YOU! What do you want to know?

Email Queen Bea at or leave a comment to this post.

If you haven't already, you can check out Judy Crowell's website here and the Judy Crowell Collection on ShopNBC here.


  1. QB here is my question for Judy!

    Dear Judy,

    Who are your favorite clothing/handbag designers?

    Thank you,

    ~ Carol

  2. Would you ever go back to QVC Judy?

  3. Does everyone use the same pattern when making faux leather jackets?

  4. I ordered a couple of Judy's jackets last Friday and think she has a GREAT design sense. My question is fitness related. What would Judy recommend as a first and second step for a couch potato who watches too much home shopping? How do you get motivated and keep exercising/dieting? Does she recommend any specific program out there?

  5. judy, i was glad to see you back on shop nbc network really miss you and paul
    are you going to expand your line of clothing to a greater degree? and how is paul doing with his gems and books please keep us updated on what is going on with you two
    you both are very missed as our weekly happy fix to watch

  6. Hi judy, my names is Clairece and my pussy is really furry and im afraid to wax because it might hurt, is yor pussy shaved or hairy like mine?

    If its shaved can you tell me what you use? Thank's Judy and cum back to qvc girl!


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