Friday, March 26, 2010

Mariah's "Something Special"

Mariah Carey popped up on all the red carpets during award season hinting about "something special" that was about to happen in her life. According to all the gossip columns, that "something special" just had to be code for a baby. A baby! Oh my goodness gracious, there is just nothing in this whole wide world that makes tongue-wagging gossipers happier than the prospect of another celebrity baby on the way.

But, alas, there is no bun in the oven. Nope. According to her husband,
Nick Cannon, Mariah's special surprise was …. drum roll, please … a new product line for HSN (listen as a collective groan spreads across the land). But what, pray tell, will she be selling? Some sort of glittery butterfly stuff. perhaps? I dunno. And it probably won't be anything terribly interesting. But, what will be interesting is watching those live presentations. Did you see her embarrassingly drunken acceptance speech for the Breakthrough Actress award (read: actress willing to get ugly for a part)? Holy cow! It's worth watching the video if you haven't already seen it.

Pop some popcorn and enjoy the show!


  1. Mariah should get presentation tips from Paula Abdul.

  2. How low will they go. Maybe a new Hello Kitty whiskey flask adorned with pink Swarovski crystals?

    Word out today is Beyonce may be expecting. I guess mama Tina will be making all of her maternity clothes with matching boots of course. She may even launch her new line of maternity clothes at HSN soon. This is purely speculation on the maternity line.


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